Scale Up Your Influencer Marketing Business

Boost Your Influencer Marketing Services with Data, Technology, and Automation Powered by Qoruz.

Build an in-house influencer marketing team

 Expand business opportunities by setting up an in-house marketing team with Qoruz enabled data and technology

 Run a world-class influencer service with Qoruz product suite that enables superior influencer discovery, easy campaign management, and data-driven campaign and brand monitoring

Demonstrate Higher Impact To Your Clients

 Reduce the turnaround time on campaign planning and execution with cutting-edge data, insights, and automation features

 Reduce unwanted commission costs by collaborating directly with influencers and bypassing influencer agencies; go beyond paid influencer marketing and find organic brand advocates

Run Data-Driven Influencer Marketing Programs

 Demonstrate short and long-term impact of influencer marketing to your clients with our extensive set of metrics and data

 Proactively plan content and engagement strategies for your clients with our insights and inspiration tools

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