Power your Public Relations with Influencer
Data and Technology.

Take the next step in building advocacy for your client's brand with influencer
relationship management simplified by Qoruz.

Leading PR Agencies

Equip Your in-house advocacy and influencer teams

 Enhance influencer and advocacy marketing capabilities of your team with our end-to-end influencer intelligence platform

 Create a robust influencer and advocacy management service with a product suite that enables superior influencer discovery, easy campaign management, and data-driven campaign and brand monitoring

Discover & Verify True Opinion Leaders

 Identify key opinion leaders, industry experts, and potential advocates for your clients with our AI powered engine and 8 million+ influencer database

 Analyze any influencers’ social equity with 50+ metrics and make sure you have the right ones for each campaign

Build Long-Term Relationships with Influencers

 Create a robust network of influential brand advocates and key opinion leaders on behalf of your clients

 Leverage content and influencer trends to better inform your clients PR strategies

 Establish an ‘always on’ relationship with brand influencer network instead of a campaign based interaction

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