Launch campaigns that amplify your brand voice.

Qoruz helps you plan and create robust influencer marketing campaigns on top of finding the right influencers for your brand.

Streamline your influencer marketing campaign workflow

(PS: Save Time)

Qoruz lets you browse through 7 million unique influencer profiles globally, add them to your custom lists for your campaign, and contact them directly to send campaign briefs from a single place.

Influencer Comparison

After choosing the preferred influencers, Qoruz provides a comparison table featuring approximate performance metrics and costs of the influencer for your influencer marketing campaign.

Optimize your ROIs | Compare and choose influencers who fit your campaign criteria

Influencer Campaign Management Software to compare and choose influencers for brand campaigns
Influencer Management Platform to create custom list of influencers based on many criterias

Create Custom Influencer Lists

Add influencers to custom lists for you to use in current and future campaigns. Create lists based on cost, category, or any criteria you wish.

Save time in future campaigns by shortlisting your favourite influencers

In-app Influencer Contact

Contact one or multiple influencers through Qoruz. Send them a campaign brief, content guidelines, or negotiate costs directly with the influencers or their managers.

Get quicker Influencer turnarounds | Streamline influencer marketing campaign negotiations | Contact multiple influencers in one go

CRM for influencer marketing to contact influeners and negotiate directly through app

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