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Qoruz is Built to Help You Discover, Qualify, and Collaborate with Real and Relevant Influencers and Content Creators.

Plan & Streamline Your Campaign Workflow Easily(and save time while you’re at it)

Forget about those days of digging through spreadsheets and sending out cold email invites! The all-new advanced Qoruz search engine lets you browse through 7 million unique influencer profiles in no time, add them to your campaign, create lists based on categories, contact them directly/send them email briefs, and measure their ROI impact at a single place.

Discover Influencers

Find relevant, experienced influencers based on criteria like expertise category, topics, and brand mentions.

Collaborate, Communicate & Create

Shortlist influencers with a specific follower size, engagement levels, gender, and location; prioritize influencers based on specific campaign objectives such as reach, engagement, and geo-targeting.

Streamline your Campaign Workflow

Optimize workflow management with automation tools for influencer communication, and create/save lists instantly for future reference saving significant time and effort.

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Detailed Influencer Insights with just a single click!