Measure Campaign Performance & Optimize for Success

Qoruz’s all-encompassing Campaign Reporting helps you track its progress
and identify areas to level up your campaign.

Monitor Campaigns, Optimize Effectively and Maximize ROI

With Qoruz’s AI-driven technology, not only can you find (micro/macro/celebrity) influencers within your budget, you can also track the campaigns and optimize them accordingly to ensure profitability.

Track Campaign Progress & Budget Usage

Know how many influencers posted, number of the planned posts that went Live, total post views, and how much of the allotted budget has been exhausted at any moment.

Keep a Tab on Audience Engagement Metrics

View how many people engaged with posts (broken down into likes, comments, shares and video views), their daily engagement graph, and the influencer’s post performance compared to their historical performance. Also, access other metrics such as audience geo-location, age group and gender-split.

Monitor Content Performance at an Overall and Individual Level

Note which content piece(s) attract maximum viewership along with individual metrics (such as likes, comments, average watchtime, etc), the most popular hashtags/keywords used, and the overall comment sentiment the posts receive.

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