How China’s Influencer Marketing accelerated 10X

While Influencer Marketing is valued at $6.5 Bn in US, the figures cross over $15.5 Bn in China, directly contributing to $9 Bn growth in the eComm industry.

The momentum has moved sales across Auto, Cosmetics, Beauty, Retail as well, contributing to over $5 bn in sales.

This report summarizes, the factors that paved way for the growth like, change in Social Landscape, Buyer Cycle pattern shift, KOL nuances, Audience behaviour on the Chinese web, and more.

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This report focuses on:


China’s Diversified Web

Allow consumers to experience ecomm, social and payment features on one platform.


Live Streaming Trends

Helped over 17000 brands reach their audiences instantly on Single’s day fest.


Influencer Incubator

Actively identify influencers and nurture them to become “ideal” influencers.

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