Brand Strategies to Stay Active During Corona-times

With the virus outbreak wreaking havoc, brand ad campaigns may have seen a halt but innovative marketing strategies have surely kept the candle burning, and audience engagement coming.

A few questions that might be nagging at you are ”Should I communicate with my consumers or not?”, “If I do, how and what should I?” and “How do I stay sensitive with my brand messaging at this delicate time?”

This report by Qoruz will answer all of that and more! Brands have found interesting ways to stay top-of-mind for their audience, and leverage the current 2x increase in time spent on social media.

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What’s Inside?


Audience Behaviour

See how consumer’s digital behaviour has changed over the last few weeks.


Brand Engagement

How are Top brands staying active and driving engagement at this sensitive time?


Trend Analysis

A quick rundown of social media Trends to look out for and practice!

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