Top Instagram Models & Influencers in India (2021)

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Nowadays, it’s no longer enough to stalk the runways or appear on magazine covers. If you want to make it big in the modelling world, it’s almost obligatory to have a Social Media presence. With millions of users onboard and with the high influencing power Instagram has, the popular app has undoubtedly paved the way for some gorgeous humans to step right into the world of modelling. Today, Instagram serves as the home for hundreds of beauty kings and queens. Here is our hand-picked list of the most followed Instagram models for you to keep an eye on, and get inspired by strong personalities behind flawless faces.

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Name Followers AVG. Engagement Qoruz score
Jannat Zubair Rahmani
36m 1.3m 9.51
Barkha Singh
2.6m 220k 9.24
Ahsaas Channa
2.8m 239.1k 9.24
Erica J Fernandes
3.7m 175k 9.23
Rits Badiani (Ritika)
2.8m 153.7k 9.22
Vishwa Rathod
2.7m 157.3k 9.22
Komal Pandey
1.5m 117k 9.21
Dolly Singh
1.4m 127.5k 9.21
Kritika Khurana
1.3m 91.2k 9.21
Ritabhari Chakraborty
2.6m 57.3k 9.2
Beer Biceps
1.6m 72.1k 9.2
Radhika Bangia
1.5m 73.4k 9.2
Meghna Kaur
1m 52.3k 9.2
Mridul Madhok
1.8m 49.9k 9.19
Monami Ghosh
1.5m 49.7k 9.19
1.1m 39.5k 8.99
Jubin Shah
2.3m 35.6k 8.91
Aashna Malani
1.2m 33.7k 8.87
1.5m 28.9k 8.77
1.6m 23.9k 8.67
Dimpi Sanghvi
1.1m 23.6k 8.67
Anmol Bhatia 🌸 TheStyleBug
1m 23.2k 8.66
Richi Shah
1m 23.1k 8.66
2.3m 19.4k 8.58
Nikita Upadhyay
1m 297 6.25
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