Top Fitness Influencers in India (2021)

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From diets to physical exercising to training, influencers stress upon different aspects related to health and fitness.Here is a list of such fitness bloggers in India based on Qoruz scores.

Name Followers AVG. Engagement Qoruz score
Sejal Jain
283.7k 4.7k 7.93
Ankita Singh
269k 5.1k 7.96
Pooja Sharma
250k 2k 7.69
Preyanka Rahee
255.2k 5.7k 8.01
Sohit Kathuria
152.8k 2k 7.69
Sagar Mogha
158.6k 5.5k 8
Rachana Singh
176.7k 6.6k 8.09
Deepali Ogale
96.1k 3.7k 7.84
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