Top Male Fitness Models in India (2021)

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"It’s no shock that a fitness model needs to be constantly camera ready. Fitness modelling isn’t necessarily rippling muscles and a body-builder-bod, but a toned physique is a must. Having love and dedication to health and fitness will make your modelling journey smooth sailing. Check out the list of such Male Fashion models in India hand-picked by the industry experts based on qoruz Score."

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Name Followers AVG. Engagement Qoruz score
2.5m 427.3k 9.29
9.2m 397.3k 9.28
252.5k 50.1k 9.2
630.5k 47.1k 9.14
1.3m 43.5k 9.07
801.5k 36.8k 8.93
527.8k 35.5k 8.91
432.4k 33.5k 8.87
1.1m 27.7k 8.75
692.8k 25.4k 8.7
2.6m 24.5k 8.69
472k 23.9k 8.67
1.1m 20.1k 8.6
547.7k 20.2k 8.6
282.1k 15.6k 8.51
162.3k 11.6k 8.43
115.4k 9.4k 8.34
169.4k 7.5k 8.17
148.5k 6.8k 8.11
165.5k 4.5k 7.91
153.3k 4.1k 7.88
174.5k 3.5k 7.82
194.3k 2k 7.69
230.2k 1.9k 7.68
143.3k 405 6.54
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