Top Mommy Bloggers & Influencers in India (2021)

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Around 80% of all purchasing decisions in India are influenced by moms. After all, a mother knows best. Checkout the list of mommy bloggers and influencers in India based on the engagement and popularity of influencers calculated by Qoruz's AI powered Influencer search.

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Name Followers AVG. Engagement Qoruz score
Ritu Rathee Taneja
1.3m 229.4k 9.24
Sowmya Satyaraj
511.8k 62.2k 9.2
506.9k 21.9k 8.63
Prithi Ashwin
136.2k 20.9k 8.61
Manasi Parekh
220.9k 11k 8.42
Avantika Mohan
238.8k 4.7k 7.93
Harpreeth Suri
116.2k 4.5k 7.91
Diapers & Lipsticks - Being Mommy
105.9k 3.7k 7.84
249.9k 3.5k 7.82
Deepali Soam
83.3k 2.6k 7.74
96.7k 2.5k 7.73
Diamonds&Chocolates | Nisha
97.7k 2.3k 7.71
Ahana Mehta Mehrotra
155.9k 2.2k 7.7
Fabulous Mom Life
122k 2.1k 7.7
Pooja🎀Mom of BabyAnaisha®
101k 2.1k 7.7
113.4k 2k 7.69
81.2k 2k 7.68
Anandita Agrawal
109.2k 1.8k 7.67
My Two Little Feet
98k 1.7k 7.66
Shumona Mathur
111.4k 1.1k 7.61
Social Connoisseurs Blog
118k 1k 7.6
Isha Manju
204.6k 854 7.36
Mitali Jakatdar
88.5k 786 7.25
Yogita Aggarwal
82.5k 655 7.04
Ishna Batra
83.5k 523 6.83
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