Top Yoga Bloggers & Influencers in India (2021)

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Yoga originated in ancient India, but today, the timeless practice has a huge following on social media. Search yoga on Instagram and your feed will be flooded with images of different people practising and teaching Yoga. The internet is full to the brim with such information about yoga, meditation and wellness. But with so many Influencers available, how do we choose the best ones? At Qoruz we’ve narrowed down a list of 25 bloggers that cover different specifications which we consider important to make them great. Check out the list of those 25 Yoga Bloggers in India based on their content engagement and many more metrics.

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Name Followers AVG. Engagement Qoruz score
857.5k 21.1k 8.62
Radhika Bose
486.2k 11.4k 8.42
Natasha noel
310.7k 8k 8.22
Apoorva Jayarajan
212.8k 7.6k 8.19
L a r u g a
262k 4.4k 7.91
Deepika Mehta
234.8k 3.5k 7.82
Munmun Ganeriwal
57.9k 3.2k 7.8
Nitya Narasimhan
33.1k 1.6k 7.66
81k 1.3k 7.62
Bijay J. Anand
61.1k 1.1k 7.61
150.1k 1k 7.6
Preeti Acharya
56.4k 1.1k 7.6
aarti mahajan dingra
33k 1.1k 7.6
Ira Trivedi
103.7k 939 7.5
Sakshi Gupta
48.1k 726 7.16
78k 665 7.06
lauren ash
46.2k 643 7.02
Swati Jain
35.4k 610 6.97
Christopher Rutz
26.2k 585 6.93
Swati Semwal
64.5k 580 6.92
Yoga with Khushi
92.8k 444 6.65
Pallvi Sharma
50.9k 318 6.31
74.2k 302 6.27
Yoga & Ayurveda - Lisa Åkesson
17k 202 6
Ventuno Yoga
18.8k 198 5.98
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