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Qoruz, unlike, is a robust influencer marketing software product with a massive database
of over 300,000 influencers with in-depth performance insights.

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Qoruz vs
Offering Type Software Agency
Influencer Database Hyper Focused Manually Added*
Influencer Contact Info Mobile + Email No
Influencer Audience Demographics Location/ Gender / Interests / Profession Location / Gender
Transparency of Influencer Cost Actual + Estimate Hidden
Reporting For any campaign For campaigns only
Pricing per Campaign Fixed Subscription Changes per Campaign
*Manually adding Influencers is a long and tedious process, which means a much smaller Influencer database.

Why Qoruz Beats Out The Competition

Extensive Search Customization Options

Find influencers based on your campaign goal i.e. reach, engagement or views. Optimize your search based on location, platform, category, audience, performance metrics and others.

Pay Once and Keep Influencing

Plan your campaigns without hassle thanks to Qoruz’s subscription-based offerings. Continue using Qoruz tools without the worry of imminent payments and hidden charges.

Influencer Database Created Using Algorithms

We harnessed the power of technology to scan, verify, and build our influencer database resulting in the largest repository of Indian influencers in the market.

See How Other Marketers Are Benefitting From Qoruz

See How Other Marketers Are Benefitting From Qoruz

  • Qoruz is quite a simple and easy to useplatform and has been very helpful in planning our influencer outreach campaigns, by putting together the right plans and identifying the right people to work with

    Sophia Christina

    Manager, Brand PR & COPCOM

  • From identifying the ‘right’ influencer, to managing them, to measuring impact – Qoruz has made my team’s life much comfortable. It’s amazing to partner with them!

    Mithun Cotha

    Vice President

An Easy-To-Use Self-Service Influencer Marketing Platform

A simple user interface allows users to quickly learn and understand Qoruz.
Create full-fledged Influencer Marketing campaigns in no time.

Detailed Analytics For Complete Understanding

Monitor your campaign progress,verify brand alignment, influencer’s engagement metrics and determine the real-time post performance in one place.

Easily Identify Fake Followers With Growth Metrics

See irregular follower-growth patterns of an Influencer to spot Influencers who are using questionable practices so you can avoid collaborating with them.

Track Audience Engagement Metrics

Analyse how many people engaged with your brand’s post in the form of likes, shares, comments, and more.

Collaborate With Top-ranked Influencers

The Qoruz score, a comprehensive scoring system, helps you easily compare influencers to find the right fit for your campaign objectives.

Having More Queries?

Yes! You can contact influencers directly via email or mobile number to discuss the campaign.

Yes! You can filter your search on content topics, hashtags, keywords and more with Qoruz.

Ofcourse! All you need to do is enable organic search while setting up your campaign tracker to measure the performance of your campaign.

Currently, Qoruz works across 5 social networking channels i.e. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Blog and YouTube.

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