An End-to-end Influencer Marketing Platform for Influencer Marketers.

Streamline your influencer marketing campaign with Qoruz’s data-driven, automated tools that simplify your work from start to finish.

Transparent influencer information

Discover influencers whose metrics suit your influencer marketing objectives. Qoruz’s AI-powered algorithm tracks and profiles precise influencer data straight from their social profiles. Use the Search Wizard’s customization options and advanced AI helps you find exactly the right influencers for your needs.

Influencer software to discover influencers
Influencer Marketing Software to discuss influencer commercials

Direct access to influencer cost and contact info

Budgeting is a huge part of an influencer marketer’s day. Qoruz offers estimated costs for each influencer based on historical data. You can confirm this and initiate other conversations with influencers or their managers directly through the platform.

Detect Influencer Fraud

Qoruz provides insight into influencer’s follower growth rates and audience interactions so you can easily check for influencers engaging in suspicious growth behaviour and protect your brand.

Influencer marketing software to detect fraud influencers
Influencer marketing software for automatic campaign reporting.

Automated reporting for precise, real-time insights

Qoruz’s algorithm draws actual data from social platforms on influencer performance and not just standard industry approximations. This allows you to optimize your influencer marketing campaigns with utmost precision for maximum returns.

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