Power your Influencer Marketing with Advanced Data and Technology

Take the next step in building advocacy for brands with influencer relationship management simplified by Qoruz.

Find the Best Influencers

Search out influencers based on goals set for the campaign - be it engagement, reach or video views. Further narrow down your search based on category, platform, bio/content, brand mentions, location, cost, engagement rate and more.

Access Costing & Direct Contact Information

Once influencers are shortlisted, request for their cost or contact them directly to communicate about the campaign. Also understand their standard pricing in the market via metrics such as marketplace cost.

Detect Influencer Fraud

Identify influencers with fake following/engagement and optimize your campaign to ensure authentic reach/impact.

Reach Influencers in Mass/ Reach Multiple Influencers at Once

Request for costs or share campaign briefs with multiple influencers within a campaign at one shot.

Get Real Insights with Automated Reporting

View true data on influencer performance and not just standard industry approximations/equivalents. This allows you to analyze and optimize campaigns as needed to maximize ROI.

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