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Boost Your Influencer Marketing Services with Data, Technology, and Automation Powered by Qoruz.

Make Efficient & Competitive Plans with the Simplest Data-Analytics Led Platform.

Make Planning during Pitches Fast

Ease the process of planning a campaign and reduce dependency on influencer marketing vendors. While planning, search influencers based on specific goals, platform, location, category/content, following/engagement rate, & more.

Influencer Profiling

Evaluate influencer profiles based on platform(s); view their following count, engagement, content performance, audience metrics, content affinity, brand coverage and more.

Access Transparent Influencer Costs

While planning, get a view of influencer costs, allowing you the scope to compare metrics such as following count, estimated average engagement and cost per engagement, and eventually handpick the ones that’ll give your client(s) the most bang for their buck.

Take a Data-Approach with LIVE Reporting

EMove over long decks while pitching and take an approach that’s substantiated by data.Showcase insights, access ROI-Based reports and build a stronger case.

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