An Influencer Marketing Platform that PR Managers can Relate to.

Get influencer costs, initiate contact, and begin negotiations all from a single influencer marketing platform - Qoruz.

Discover influencers beyond the usual PR lists

Qoruz gives you access to a vast database of over 300,000 Indian influencers to search from. Simplify your influencer search using numerous parameters such as cost, engagement metrics, hashtags, content category, location and much more.

Find Influencers from a database of 300000+ influencers
Updated influencer data from AI driven influencer platform

Keep updated on up-and-coming influencers

Qoruz’s AI-powered algorithm periodically updates the database with new and high-performing influencers. The influencer marketing platform’s Search Wizard feature allows it to search influencers who have positive follower growth.

Learn about an influencer’s past brand collaborations

Search for influencers based on past brand mentions. This allows you to identify influencers who have experience working in a particular industry. Or you can choose to exclude those influencers who have worked with competitor brands.

Identify influencer paid collaboration with brands during previous times
End to End Influencer marketing camapign management platform

Conduct entire campaigns through Qoruz

When we say end-to-end influencer marketing, we mean it. From influencer discovery to contact and communication to live campaign monitoring and reporting, Qoruz helps you do everything without having to pick up a phone.

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