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Social commerce & how to leverage influencer marketing, social media, and its innovative commerce features.

Hear from the industry experts and thought leaders on how they have leveraged Social Commerce to drive sales and influence purchase decisions for their respective brands.

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High-growth Companies Share their Inputs

We have always believed in the potential of social media and how it has assisted us in reaching out to the masses through its broad reach. We've also run a number of successful campaigns that have been heavily integrated with influencer marketing, resulting in success in influencing potential customers and putting our message forward in the most literal way. With Instagram releasing reels, we have made sure to leverage its organic reach. By participating in trends and creating fun/informative reels, we have increased our reach by 40%.

Vikas Bagaria

Founder, Pee Safe

Social commerce is an advanced form of the oldest marketing method i.e, "word of mouth". The difference is now people have bigger social media platforms to express their thoughts on products, services, and businesses, or anything they see around. It's human psychology to believe in the people in our community than just seeing ads. This helps D2C brands reach out to the audience in their preferred language/platform/content type they consume with the help of influencer marketing. Social commerce is the best way to cover top to bottom-funnel approach in one go.

Srishty Mishra

Sr. Manager - Digital Marketing, Wakefit

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