Simplify your Influencer discovery process with the power of data.

Qoruz search wizard offers a plethora of search parameters to find the right influencers for your brand’s objectives.

Analyze Influencers on top social platforms

Review influencer metrics and find your ideal brand partnerships. Evaluate them based on engagement, audience demographics, past brand associations and more.

Influencer Discovery

Customize your search parameters based on your campaign needs. Find influencers based on performance metrics, cost, platform, hashtag, content category, and much more.

Align Influencers with your brand goals | Find Influencers who match your needs and feasibilities

Database of 300,000+ Indian Influencers

Qoruz’s AI-powered algorithm periodically tracks, updates, and verifies influencer data across social platforms. This includes updating existing influencer data as well as adding new influencers to the Qoruz database.

Accurate Data Acquired by AI | Largest database of Indian Influencers

Audience Insights

Gather demographic data of an Influencer’s audience. Learn their follower’s location, interests, gender, and profession.

Align your audience with the Influencer’s | Reach out to the right audience | Strategize to maximize your brand’s visibility

Ensure Brand Safety

Discover an influencer’s past brand associations and their work with competitor brands.

Find and work with influencers who have worked within your industry | Or avoid working with influencers who have engaged with your competitors

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Detailed Influencer Insights with just a single click!