Steal Hearts:
How to Influence V-Day Sales?

With the week of love kicking in, consumers are already gearing themselves up to show and share affection with their loved ones. No better time to draw out what your “TG” has the hots for.

This report is created in collaboration with Autumn Grey that highlights how conversations played out on various social networking platforms during V-Day 2019.

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What to Expect Inside


Sharing love

Over 30,000 unique content posted during the 7 day Valentine week garnered more than 39 million engagement as likes, shares and comments.


Highest Engagement

Though Twitter led in total number of posts (by 4000), Instagram ruled in avg engagement, peaking to 3560.


Spending pattern

Over Rs 30,000 crores were spent by people, with women dominating the purchase behaviour by 35% compared to men.

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