Instagram Influencer Campaigns or Ads: Which is the Superior Marketing Choice?

Instagram Influencer campaignInsta-Ads 
ReachTargetted reach through influencer’s following Wide reach due to platform’s wide audience
Credibility High credibility due to relevance of the influencerLow credibility due to random clutter on the feed
ROIHigh ROI, if the influencers are chosen according to the brand’s nicheROI heavily depends on the targeting
Scroll trough rate Scroll through rate is low because the ad is part of the influencer’s content High scroll through rate because of competition with other ads
Trust factorHigh trust factor because of the recommendation by an influencer.Low trust factor because of lack of recommendation.

Instagram influencer campaigns and Instagram ads serve two completely different marketing purposes. Influencer campaigns are ideal for building trust and credibility of the brand, and ads are used to advertise the brand in front of a large audience. The ideal marketing strategy is to mix and match ads and influencer marketing based on your marketing goals.

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