What are the five must-have tools for influencer marketers

Influencer marketing is one of the most effective marketing efforts of our time, which is why most companies are increasing their influencer marketing budgets with every passing year. And with the increasing budget, there is a growing demand for tools to make the life of influencer marketers easier. These tools help validate every step of the influencer campaign and reduce human error in the overall process.    

Here is the list of tools for you to try out 🙂

Influencer search engine

Finding influencers is the first and the most important step in influencer marketing, so it has to be done right, no matter what. But finding influencers is not easy; the task can take a long time without a guarantee.

Influencer search engines allow influencer marketers to search for influencers based on keywords, topics, or niches according to brand or campaign. This helps identify influencers who fit the target audience and marketing goals well.

Qoruz search tool has the largest influencer database in India, which lets you search for influencers based on category, bios and keywords across platforms like Youtube, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Influencer follower checker

An influencer follower checker is a tool that allows influencer marketers to analyze the followers of influencers. Checking follower authenticity was one of the main reasons behind the rise of many influencer marketing platforms in 2016.

An influencer follower checker can help identify fake followers, often purchased or created using bots. By analyzing the influencers’ accounts through these tools, you can determine if their followers are real or fake. 

This information is important for selecting influencers with a genuine following and can provide real value to your brand.

Going ahead with influencers who have fake following can damage the result of the influencer campaign tremendously.

Influencer engagement rate calculator

Engagement rate is the most important metric when choosing influencers, as the recent data suggest that the engagement rate of the influencer is far more important than the size of the following.

An influencer engagement rate calculator is a tool that enables influencer marketers to calculate the engagement rate of influencers. The engagement rate is the percentage of an influencer’s followers interacting with their content through likes, comments, shares, and clicks. 

Since the engagement rate is a crucial metric that measures an influencer’s effectiveness, checking it before working with any creator to avoid campaign failure is mandatory.

Nano and micro-influencers generally have a higher engagement rate than macro and mid-tier influencers, so many brands choose them to run their campaigns.

Influencer comparison tool

An influencer comparison tool effectively enables influencer marketers to evaluate and compare multiple influencers simultaneously. This tool analyzes metrics and criteria such as engagement rates, campaign performance, audience insights, and other key performance indicators to help marketers decide which influencers to partner with for their marketing campaigns.

For instance, if a brand plans a social media campaign, it may need to choose between two influencers with similar follower counts and content themes. An influencer comparison tool can analyze various metrics of both influencers, such as their engagement rates, the type of content they post, and their audience demographics. This comparison enables influencer marketers to identify which influencer has the higher engagement rate and is more likely to resonate with their target audience.

The tool also helps evaluate past campaigns’ performance, allowing influencer marketers to see how different influencers have performed and which are more effective in generating engagement and conversions. 

Influencer cost checker

An influencer cost checker enables influencer marketers to estimate the cost of partnering with influencers for their marketing campaigns. Here are some of the uses of an influencer cost checker:

  • Budgeting for campaigns – An influencer cost checker can help influencer marketers budget for their influencer marketing campaigns. The tool can estimate the cost of working with different influencers, allowing marketers to plan and allocate their budgets accordingly.
  • Negotiating with influencers – An influencer cost checker can provide marketers with an estimate of what they should pay an influencer for their services. This information is useful while negotiating with influencers and helps avoid overpaying.
  • Evaluating ROI – An influencer cost checker can help marketers evaluate the ROI of their influencer marketing campaigns. Estimating the cost of partnering with influencers helps marketers compare the cost to the revenue generated from the campaign. This information helps marketers determine the success of their influencer marketing campaigns and adjust their strategies accordingly.
  • Identifying cost-effective influencers – An influencer cost checker helps marketers identify cost-effective influencers who offer high value for their services. 


Although these tools will reduce much human effort in running an influencer campaign, the results might not stay consistent and vary from tool to tool. Also, these tools will scatter your campaign data at different places, and you have to arrange manually to analyze it.

That is why it is better to use an influencer marketing platform like Qoruz instead of multiple tools for influencer marketing to avoid these problems. Qoruz enables you to run influencer campaigns easily and helps measure the ROI effectively so you can have full control over your campaigns. 

Have you used any of the tools for your campaigns? Let us know in the comment section below.