Tips to Draft a Perfect Influencer Outreach Email [With Templates]

There are many ways to reach out to influencers, but email is one of the best ways. Influencer outreach emails are a great way to connect with influencers and grow your audience.

However, it’s important that these emails be well-crafted to have a good chance of being read and responded to.

Why Is Outreach Email Important?

Influencer marketing had its fair share of doubts and questions in its early years. 

It is now an industry itself and generating revenue like crazy. 

Source: Statista

Now that it’s a professional space, professionally approaching them is the right thing to do. 

Also, remember that it’s not just you reaching out via emails, and the influencers might not even notice, like the social media DM’s that get lost in a pile of messages. 

Even influencers are constantly looking forward to working with brands. Hence the chances of receiving a response are high.

Answering the question that’s running through your mind. “Why not in social media DMs?”

Ofcourse, why not. You can always reach out to them over social media, so the chances of your DM being noticed are zero because these influencers would receive millions of messages regarding their story update, posts, and many more. 

Hence the chance of your DM being noticed is only of sheer luck. 

Emails are considered way more professional, and not all their followers would take time to drop in a mail but their prospective clients. Outreach via email is way better. 

Factors to Look Out For In A Influencer Outreach Mail

You’re almost ready to get started on your influencer outreach campaign. You have a clear objective and a list of potential influencers that might be interested in your product or service.

But before start sending mail, there are some things you need to know about the audience you’re targeting.

Subject Line

You first need to come up with some nice, attractive, and clickbaity lines to ensure the influencer is opening your email. 

You must have received multiple emails from every brand out there. Most of them are SPAM. Or their message makes you feel like it’s spam. The goal is to reach out to influencers and get a response from them. 

And for that to happen, you should remember that anything that makes your email sound spammy shouldn’t be allowed. 

Here’s an example for you to understand better:


Personalize, and introduce yourself only after giving a good first impression. 

Do a little research before even you start writing the email. The more you make them think or believe your reach out is genuine is where your message is going to click. 

Basically, your email should make them feel that your brand is looking forward to working with them. 

Purpose of Your Mail

Your mail should have a purpose. That is, what you’re hoping to accomplish with the influencer in question should be clear. 

  • Are you looking for them to review your product? 
  • Do you want them to post about it on their channel? 
  • Or maybe there’s some other type of collaboration that would be mutually beneficial. 

Whatever the case, make sure your outreach efforts align with whatever goal(s) brought you together in the first place.


So, you’ve written the perfect email. You’ve got the subject line and copy down pat, but what about that signature? 

It’s not something most people give much thought to, but it’s actually one of the most important parts of any email.

The signature is where you can really make or break your outreach efforts—it should be short and sweet and include only relevant information: your name, title, company name (if applicable), website URL, and phone number (if applicable).

There’s nothing wrong with not adding a signature; this is to give the best feel to the influencer and portray them as a professional reaching out for some serious collaboration. 

Consider The Device Type

Most marketers or brands would miss out on this point. The email you draft might look like a normal length in your browser, but it’s not the case when it comes to mobile. 

Most influencers, or any professionals, check their emails via mobile. Ensure to test your emails across multiple devices. 

In case you’re adding any image or gif or drafting your mail in a template only, 

Context Of What You’re Trying To Say

Let’s take a look at how we can write an effective intro. An influencer outreach email introduction should be short but sweet, conveying the essentials of who you are and what you do in a friendly tone. 

The first few sentences are crucial for making your pitch stand out from the rest of the crowd, so make sure that it is both interesting and persuasive. 

Here is an example of how not to do it:

This mail is extremely professional, but it lacks the following

  • Personalization
  • Your campaign details 

Adding the influencer’s name is not personalization. They need to be felt valued. You must have done your research about the influencer before reaching out to them. Hence it is advisable to add statements that describe their recent life activity or anything favorite. 

Though this step is not mandatory, personalizing in a way that matters most to the influencer is the best way to gain their attention and increase your chances of working with them. 

Here’s how you rather write it:

This email shows that you’re a constant follower of the influencer, and appreciation bit gains you the brownie points. 

When said personalization is important, this is how it should work. Speaking and appreciating their works. 

After your introduction, get straight to the point. If not the entire campaign details before they onboard, share a gist of what they need to know. 

Ending the email with your designation and name brings a rich professional look to your email.

Do’s and Don’ts

Now that we’ve discussed how to draft a perfect outreach email, here’s a preview of what we’ve discussed till now:

Short and catchy subject lineLong content in subject lines (more than 10 words) 
Writing an attractive introduction line after greetingWriting only about your brand and yourself without speaking about the influencer
Asking and sharing only the required information in your introduction mail Overwhelming the influencer with a lot of information and questions
Mention the type of campaign (barter, paid, or product for free)Not mentioning the payment type or what the campaign offers to the influencer 
Adding your professional information in the signatureEnding your email only with thank you
Sending personalized emailsFollowing an email template for every influencer

Outreach Email Templates

We have discussed the basics of how to write an influencer outreach email. The following email templates will help you get started with your outreach efforts. 

Inviting Influencers to an Event 

Hello [Influencer name] 

I saw your reel last week attending the XYZ awards. I’m glad you enjoyed it.

We, [brand name], are hosting a virtual awards show on [date] to celebrate content creators like you. 

Some of our speakers include [interesting person 1] and [interesting person 2]. 

In addition to awards, we’re giving away swag, discounts, and more to all attendees.

If you’re interested in attending, let me know!

Thank You

[Add Signature]

Asking for Feedback 

Hello [Influencer name]

Your article on [topic name] was on point. It related to me on so many levels. 

I constantly follow your writing, and I’m inspired by the perspective you enlighten. 

[add the blog/article URL]

I’d really love to hear your thoughts on my recent article. 

Kindly let me know your charges for reviewing one piece of content. I would love to work with you for feedback on a regular basis. 


[Add Signature]

Barter Campaign

Hello [Influencer name]

I must say, how wonderful you’re doing with your creative campaigns for the brand you’ve so far collaborated with. 

I’m [your name], from [any restaurant or cafe name] have opened a new branch in [location name]. 

I’m inviting amazing food bloggers like you to collaborate for my opening. 

Here’s a link to invite three people along with you on an opening day and give your honest feedback on the food’s taste. 

Looking forward to filling your energy in the new place. 



Product Based Campaign 

Hello [Influencer name]

Your skincare tips are awesome, and I really appreciate how you stick to only a few products and not every product in the market. 

I’m [your name] from [skincare brand name]. 

We’ve launched a new lipstick collection and invite skincare enthusiasts to review our product. 

You can have the product and, in exchange, give us your honest review about the collection. 

Let me know if you’ll be interested in working with us. 



Multiple Collaboration

Hello [Influencer name]

Kudos to the 100k followers you’ve recently hit. The celebration pictures of yours were heartwarming. 

I’m [your name], [position name] at [company name]. We’ve recently launched a new collection of clothes and would love to have influencers onboard with us to showcase it. 

You get an opportunity to work with photography, makeup artists, and fellow lifestyle influencers. 

Let me know if this opportunity would suit you. 

I’m looking forward to your reply.


[Add Signature]


I hope these tips have been helpful, and you can use them in your own outreach emails. Just remember that you don’t need to be perfect—as long as it gets the job done, that’s what counts!

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