Top 10 companies that are dominating influencer marketing in 2024

As social media platforms continue to thrive and consumers increasingly rely on digital recommendations, influencer marketing has become a game-changer for companies seeking to capture the attention of potential customers. According to the Digital Marketing Institute, “49% of consumers depend on influencer recommendations, 40% had purchased something after seeing it on Twitter, YouTube or Instagram”.

With this rapid growth of influencer marketing, brands across various industries are recognizing the immense potential and are investing larger budgets to leverage the benefits it offers. In this article, we will delve into the success stories of the top 10 companies that have dominated influencer marketing in 2024. These industry leaders have harnessed the power of influencers to amplify their brand messages, boost product awareness, and ultimately drive revenue growth.


Ever since Aman Gupta’s appearance on Shark Tank India, BoAt, the D2C (Direct-to-Consumer) brand, has gained significant traction. However, even before their appearance on the show, BoAt had been utilizing influencer marketing effectively from the beginning.

BoAt has collaborated with popular influencers such as Bhuvan Bam and Ashish Chanchlani to promote their products. By partnering with these influencers who have a massive following and influence in the digital space, BoAt was able to tap into their audience and create awareness about their brand and products. These collaborations helped BoAt reach a wider audience and establish themselves as a prominent player in the consumer electronics market.

In addition to influencer collaborations, BoAt has also introduced brand ambassadors to represent their brand. Kiara Advani and Kartik Aaryan have been appointed as brand ambassadors for BoAt, further enhancing the brand’s visibility and credibility. With these renowned celebrities endorsing their products, BoAt gains credibility and trust among consumers, which in turn drives sales and brand loyalty.

Recently, BoAt launched their BoAtXNetflix campaign, which involved collaborations with influencers. This campaign aimed to showcase the brand’s commitment to providing a unique audio experience to its customers. By partnering with influencers, BoAt effectively communicated the key messaging of the campaign and generated excitement and engagement among their target audience.

Honasa consumer Pvt. Ltd 

Honasa Consumer Ltd, the parent company of Mamaearth, made waves in 2022 by achieving unicorn status. This accomplishment was largely fueled by their strategic utilization of influencer marketing and performance marketing to drive brand growth and expand their customer base.

Building on their success with Mamaearth, Honasa Consumer Ltd introduced new brands Aqualogica and The Derma Co. Leveraging the power of influencer marketing, Aqualogica has witnessed a surge in revenue.

A standout moment in Aqualogica’s influencer marketing journey was the major influencer event. By bringing together creators like thebrowndaughter, Himadri Patel, Arnakshi Patgiri and many more from various platforms, Aqualogica created significant brand awareness and generated buzz around their products. This event served as a platform for influencers to experience the brand firsthand, fostering authentic relationships and increasing brand credibility.

The influencer event not only generated immediate brand awareness but also had a lasting impact on Aqualogica’s growth. The event’s reach and engagement translated into increased sales and brand loyalty among the influencer’s followers, further propelling Aqualogica’s revenue growth.

Honasa Consumer Ltd’s reliance on influencer marketing and performance marketing demonstrates their deep understanding of the digital landscape and their ability to harness its power for business growth. By strategically partnering with relevant influencers, they have successfully tapped into their target audience’s preferences and established a strong brand presence.


Right from its launch, Nykaa recognized the power of influencer marketing and became one of the Indian companies to incorporate it into their marketing strategy. By partnering with popular influencers in the beauty and lifestyle space, Nykaa effectively leveraged their reach and influence to promote their products and brand. This approach allowed them to tap into the dedicated fan bases of these influencers and generate buzz and interest in their offerings.

In addition to influencer marketing, Nykaa is also known for its affiliate marketing programs. These programs enable individuals or businesses to earn a commission by promoting Nykaa’s products and driving sales through their unique referral links. By implementing this strategy, Nykaa has successfully created a network of affiliates who actively promote their brand, expanding their reach and customer base.

One of the notable annual events organized by Nykaa is the Pink Sale, which garners a significant amount of attention on their website. To generate excitement and engagement, Nykaa collaborates with top influencers and executes massive influencer campaigns during this sale. By leveraging the popularity and credibility of these influencers, Nykaa creates a sense of urgency and exclusivity, leading to increased website traffic and sales.

While actress Janhvi Kapoor serves as the brand ambassador for Nykaa, they have also partnered with renowned influencers like Tarimi Peshawaria, Debasree Banerjee, and Shreya Jain. This diverse lineup of influencers allows Nykaa to target different segments of its audience and cater to varied beauty preferences and interests.

Sugar Cosmetics 

SUGAR, D2C cosmetic brand is known for its successful influencer marketing campaigns. During the Goa Fest, CEO and Founder Vineeta Singh emphasized SUGAR’s unique approach of collaborating with influencers who genuinely appreciate the brand, rather than solely focusing on partnering with big-name influencers.

SUGAR’s philosophy revolves around building authentic connections with influencers who align with their brand values. By prioritizing genuine affinity, SUGAR ensures that its influencer partnerships are rooted in shared enthusiasm and credibility. This approach not only fosters a stronger bond between influencers and the brand but also resonates with their target audience, promoting trust and loyalty.

To effectively target their audience, SUGAR leverages the popularity of YouTube and collaborates with YouTubers. YouTube’s video-centric format allows SUGAR to showcase its products in-depth, provide tutorials, and engage with viewers on a more personal level. 

In addition to working with prominent influencers, SUGAR is also known for running influencer campaigns with micro-influencers. Micro-influencers typically have a smaller but highly engaged audience within specific niches. By collaborating with micro-influencers, SUGAR taps into these niche communities, leveraging their influence to generate targeted brand awareness and drive conversions. This strategy allows SUGAR to reach consumers who are more likely to resonate with their products and become loyal customers.

Their recent #ShukarHainSUGARHain campaign featuring Ranveer Singh and Tamannaah Bhatia was a massive success across the platform.

By focusing on authenticity and targeted influencer collaborations, SUGAR has successfully utilized influencer marketing as a powerful tool for brand promotion. Their approach ensures that the influencer partnerships are more than just promotional vehicles, but genuine endorsements that resonate with their target audience’s interests and values.


Lenskart, a leading eyewear brand, has been at the forefront of running effective influencer campaigns right from the start. By leveraging the power of influencers, Lenskart has successfully established brand awareness and connected with their target audience.

One of Lenskart’s notable influencer collaborations was with renowned Bollywood actress Katrina Kaif. This partnership effectively positioned Lenskart as a trustworthy and stylish eyewear brand in the market.

The latest highly successful influencer campaign by Lenskart is in collaboration with Karan Johar for their Karan vs. Peyush campaign. This campaign struck a chord with the audience, resonating with the humor and relatability Karan Johar is known for. The campaign’s success not only generated brand awareness but also positioned Lenskart as a brand that cares about its customers’ well-being.


Maybelline, a renowned cosmetics brand, is well-known for its ability to run massive influencer campaigns with every product launch. These campaigns have become a signature strategy for Maybelline, generating significant buzz and creating a strong impact in the beauty industry.

One notable example of Maybelline’s influencer marketing success is the launch of their skin tint product. To introduce this new addition to their product lineup, Maybelline organized a massive influencer event. By collaborating with a diverse range of beauty and lifestyle influencers, Maybelline created a highly anticipated and talked-about event. The event not only showcased the features and benefits of the skin tint but also provided influencers with a firsthand experience of the product.

The influencer event surrounding the skin tint release generated substantial brand awareness and excitement. The participating influencers shared their experiences, reviews, and tutorials across various social media platforms, reaching a vast audience of beauty enthusiasts. The event’s scale and the influencers’ collective reach resulted in a significant increase in brand visibility and engagement.

Maybelline recently has also announced three new brand ambassadors for India to strengthen its Gen Z connection. Collectively called as the ‘Beauty Squad’, the ambassadors include actress Suhana Khan, singer Ananya Birla and Eksha Subba.


Contrary to common perception, banks are not exempt from engaging in influencer marketing. HDFC recognizes the power of influencer marketing and has incorporated it into their marketing mix to effectively reach their target audience and increase brand awareness.

One of HDFC’s notable influencer campaigns was their #BounceBack campaign. To promote their services and offerings, HDFC collaborated with influencers like Chahat Tewani, Ayan Zubair, and Varun Budhadev. These influencers have significant followings and influence among their respective audiences, allowing HDFC to tap into their reach and credibility.

By incorporating influencers into their marketing efforts, HDFC successfully extended their brand reach beyond other advertising channels. The influencers’ genuine endorsement and relatable content helped HDFC connect with their target audience on a more personal level, establishing trust and credibility.

Through influencer marketing, HDFC showcased their commitment to understanding and addressing their customers’ needs. By collaborating with influencers who resonated with their target audience, HDFC ensured that their messages were delivered to the right demographic, fostering stronger brand associations and consideration.


mCaffeine, India’s first caffeinated skincare brand, has recognized the power of influencer marketing and successfully collaborated with major influencers to reach their target audience and build brand awareness.

One of mCaffeine’s key strategies has been partnering with creators who align with their brand values and target demographic. Influencers such as Aashna Shroff, Komal Pandey, Team Naach, and Sejal Kumar have been instrumental in promoting mCaffeine’s products and advocating for their unique offerings.

Through the #GetHighOnGoodness and #mCaffeineSquad campaigns, mCaffeine has effectively leveraged the reach and influence of these influencers to create a buzz around their brand. These hashtags have become synonymous with the brand and serve as rallying cries for their loyal customers and followers. 

The brand has also launched a campaign #coffeedate with Alia Bhatt recently which was also a massive success.


Cred, known for its quirky and nostalgic advertisements, has also proven to be adept at influencer marketing. Alongside their distinctive ad campaigns, Cred sponsors influencers and collaborates with popular finance-focused influencers to further their brand reach and engagement.

Anshuman Sharma is one such influencer sponsored by Cred. With a substantial following on social media, Anshuman Sharma shares informative and engaging content related to personal finance and investments. In addition to sponsorships, Cred has collaborated with influencers like Finance with Sharan and other major influencers. 

By combining their quirky advertisements with effective influencer marketing, Cred showcases their ability to engage with their audience through various channels. The collaboration with influencers like Anshuman Sharma and Finance with Sharan amplifies their brand message and educates consumers on the importance of responsible credit behavior.


The popular dating platform Tinder has been involved in several impactful influencer campaigns and collaborations with creators like Tanisha and Akash in the past.

One notable campaign by Tinder was their collaboration with Indian cricketer Shubman Gill. Leveraging Shubman Gill’s popularity and fan base, Tinder effectively reached a wider audience, particularly sports enthusiasts and cricket fans. This collaboration not only increased brand awareness but also showcased the app as a platform for connecting with like-minded individuals and exploring new relationships. Shubman Gill’s association with Tinder resonated with his followers, generating curiosity and interest in the app.

Tinder’s approach to influencer marketing demonstrates their understanding of the power of collaborations and viral campaigns to drive engagement and increase user acquisition. By partnering with individuals who resonate with their target audience and creating entertaining content, Tinder effectively generates buzz and cultivates a positive brand image.

These are the top 10 companies that dominated influencer marketing in 2024, What do you think about their campaigns? Let us know in the comment section below.

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