Top 10 Travel websites in India

We all love to travel, but some are passionate about it while making it a core part of their career and life. This article is a compiled list of the 10 Best Indian travel websites for all travel lovers. 

Get complete information from people with first-hand experience visiting the most sought-after holiday destinations, where to stay, and where to eat according to your budget. 

These travelers can make your holiday an experience of a lifetime with the help of their detailed journey schedules.

Beach please… Mountain please… Be it anything, travel websites got your back!!!

Kunzum – Ajay Jain

This blog has served as an important guide for travelers planning journeys in India. Kunzum is a high-altitude pass in the Lahaul Spiti region of Himachal Pradesh which was the inspiration behind the blog. 

Ajay is one of the Best Indian travel websites and has a unique style of writing which has won him many followers.

Lakshmi Sharath – Lakshmi Sharath

You will find the nationwide and state-wise account of Lakshmi Sharath, which focuses more on Indian villages. Get to know more about the cultures of your hinterlands in your own country through her well-written blog. 

Her blog has also been featured in many dailies. So, get inspired and check the places for yourself.

Traveling Slacker – Jitaditya Narzary

The blog has everything that you need in a travel blog. If you are looking for the Best Indian travel blog, Traveler FAQS, Decoding Delhi, and Only Photographs, this blog is for you; his travelogs are very popular with fans. 

Indi Tales – Anuradha Goyal

If you love walking, then you will love these posts by Anuradha Goyal on her blog. She is one of the Best Indian travel websites. The blog will take you through the streets while experiencing the social image of India. You can also peek into the hotel reviews she visited on her trips.

Be On the Road – Sankara

If there is one blog that offers all the information on traveling, it is ‘Be on the Road’ by Sankara. His list of travel tips will help you with your checklist, stay fit on your trip, book cheap flights, get tips on capturing beautiful pictures, and much more. 

There is an ‘Incredible India’ section on the blog, which lists all top holiday types, such as motorcycling, honeymoon destinations, monsoon vacations, food trails, etc. You can also find a section devoted to videos and pictures that will give you an idea of your journey.

Desi Traveler – Prasad Np

If you aim to find the most visited destinations which can explore with families around India, then you must visit this blog by Prasad Np. He is one of the Best Indian travel websites. 

From his blog, you can get all the advice you need on traveling to locales such as the UK, US, Thailand, Hong Kong, and Switzerland. You will get an insight into the holy temples of India.

Travels Tales From India – Mridula Dwivedi

If you try to list the 10 Best Indian travel websites, definitely Mridula Dwivedi is on this list. You will be welcomed by a collection of beautiful images from various corners of India. 

This best Indian travel blog captures the core of the country and some foreign lands uniquely. She takes you through an unforgettable journey as she talks about her travel experiences.  

Her blog has been mentioned in the likes of The Guardian and BBC. She also offers plenty of hotel reviews to help you decide the perfect place for your journey. 

You will find a separate section for adventure enthusiasts. You can also find all transport data on Indian Railways, air, and buses to your preferred destination for supreme convenience.

The Tales of a Traveler – Sam & Swati

The Tales of a Traveler – Sam & Swati is one of the Best Indian travel websites. The blog will find the best food, luxury stays, weekend getaways, travel tips, offbeat locations, and restaurant reviews to plan your vacations. 

You will also find a menu tab called ‘travel tips’ in which you can access helpful tips for travelers, such as tourist visas for Indians, travel ideas, etc.

The Wanderer – Siddharth Joshi

This travel blog talks about culture, architecture, and street food and captures the soul of places across the globe. You can also easily check out the detailed review of hotels, coffee shops, and restaurants with pictures that will make your travel easier. You can also find travel tech-related posts.

The Shooting Star – Shivya Nath

Shivya Nath is one of the Solo travelers who can learn a thing or two from her blog, and her tips are trustworthy, to say the least. In her blog, you can read about living on the chocolate farms of Costa Rica to the hitch-hiking tour of Romania. 

She was also voted the best Indian travel blogger by Vogue India in 2015. She has also been featured on multiple leading channels and publications like the Times of India, NDTV, BBC Travel, etc. The “My Travels” section in her blog provides continent-wide stories with some breathtaking pictures.

If you like this article, then you can share this information or if you have any other travel websites which we missed. Do mention it in the comments section.

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