What are the pros and cons of In-house team running an influencer campaign for D2C brands?

Most D2C brands are trying their hands on influencer marketing as it drives sales and creates brand awareness.

But D2C brands new to influencer marketing who want to try it for the first time get overwhelmed by the complicated process and hefty agency fee.

But the truth is, “it is not necessary to assign an agency to run an influencer campaign for your  brand”

There are ways to run an influencer campaign in-house without the help of an agency and facing unnecessary complications.

Let’s discuss the ways to run an influencer campaign in-house and the pros and cons in detail so that you can choose the best way suited for your D2C brand.

The options of running an influencer campaign in-house

D2C brands lack time and bandwidth, and running influencer marketing campaigns manually without expertise will take a lot of it.

That is why it is better to use one of the options to combat the problem.

  • Introducing an influencer marketing platform to your existing team 
  • Hiring an influencer marketing manager 

Both options are viable for running an influencer marketing campaign in-house, but choosing one completely depends on your brand’s requirements.

If you are trying influencer marketing for the first time, it is better to introduce an influencer marketing platform to your existing team.

But if your brand is growing, you can consider both options because the influencer marketing platform amps up the influencer campaign efforts many folds. 

Paired with an influencer marketing manager, the campaign can drive phenomenal results for your brand. Both in terms of sales and brand awareness.

What are the pros and cons of running an influencer campaign in-house?

The Pros

More control

By running the campaign in-house, the brand has greater control over the messaging, creative direction, and overall strategy.

Cost savings

Hiring influencers directly can be more cost-effective than working with an agency or intermediary, especially for smaller campaigns.

Stronger relationships

Working directly with influencers can help build stronger, more authentic relationships, leading to more impactful and successful campaigns.

Better targeting

In-house teams may better understand their brand’s target audience and can more effectively identify influencers who resonate with that audience.

Long-term benefits

By building relationships with influencers over time, brands can create a more sustainable and ongoing influencer marketing program that delivers consistent results.

The cons 

Limited expertise

In-house teams may not have the same level of expertise as a dedicated influencer marketing agency.

Limited network

In-house teams may have a smaller network of influencers to work with, which could lead to a longer turnaround time with influencers.

Running influencer campaign in-houseOutsourcing influencer campaign
More control on the whole process and strategyLess control as the agency is handling the campaign
Better targetting as the in-house team understands the T.G better Poor targeting as the agency is running a campaign for multiple brands and don’t concentrate on every brand’s marketing needs.
Long-term benefits as you build relationships with influencers.Short term benefits as you don’t build a relationship with the influencer as the agency deals with them.
Cost saving as you don’t pay hefty agency fees.Not cost-saving as agencies cost more money.
Better influencer choice as you choose influencers based on your brand’s specific niche.Influencer choice is based on existing influencer networks instead of the brand’s niche.

The cons of running an influencer campaign in-house can be combatted using Qoruz, an easy-to-use influencer marketing platform. Which takes care of all your marketing needs and easily becomes a part of your existing marketing team.

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