Which is Better for Brands Growth: Influencer Marketing Agencies or Software?

Globally, social media plays a key role in influencing and changing people’s perspectives. We can say that social media manipulates people’s minds and this is where social media influencers enter the picture.

Is influencer marketing an efficient brand strategy? According to Statista, the influencer marketing industry’s revenue has doubled since last year and is projected to reach more than $17.8 billion this year. 

Influencer marketing platforms have arisen to identify the ideal influencer and the best method for promoting them. Influencer marketing software can make what can be a laborious process when done manually much simpler.

Influencer marketing facilitate the relationship between brands and influencers by connecting them to create an efficient campaign for brand growth. 

Consequently, it is prudent to select one of the top influencer marketing organisations which can effectively execute the campaign by targeting the appropriate demographic at the appropriate moment.

If you want to expand your brand’s reach, this blog will fill you in on influencer marketing and the software that powers it.

What does Influencer Marketing Software do?

Influencer marketing software helps brands find new influencers, nurture existing relationships, and launch campaigns without any hassle of time.

Finding appropriate influencers without prior knowledge of the industry was highly challenging initially. When specialized influencer search engines and software for influencer marketing first appeared, the task at hand became a lot less complicated. 

In recent years, more advanced services, such as influencer discovery, campaign management, content inspiration, and campaign reporting and analytics, have been added to influencer marketing platforms to serve brands better.

Let’s go over what exactly it is that influencer marketing software does:  

Influencer discovery

Are you searching for the ideal influencer for your brand but unsure of where to begin?

Herein lies the influencer platform.

An influencer marketing software identifies relevant Indian influencer networks for your brand’s marketing strategy. After locating an influencer, they determine whether or not they meet the requirements to represent your business.

Among the most important aspects they consider when determining an influencer’s suitability for your company is:

Target audience

  • Does the influencer’s target audience align with your brand?
  • How many followers and/or subscribers does the influencer have?
  • How many likes, shares, and comments does the influencer receive on their social media posts?

Campaign management

Influencer marketing platforms plan, develop, and execute marketing initiatives for your brand to amplify your brand voice. Influencer marketing software enables influencers to engage with your target audience to enhance brand exposure, reach, and eventually revenue. Measuring engagement and conversion rate to ensure you’re on the right track is what’s really important. This influencer marketing software, with the help of AI algorithms, help your brand determine the most important metrics so nothing is left behind.

Content inspiration

Content is king, and it supports advertising efforts as a crucial component. When influencers develop innovative suggestions, maintaining tight control over the content they disseminate while promoting your services to their followers helps develop something fruitful. These influencer marketing platforms ensure that when creating new content, it stays on-brand, on-topic, and in the right tone.

Campaign reporting and analytics

It is easy to monitor the campaign’s development, locate places to improve, get immediate feedback and prepare strategies accordingly. Influencer marketing tools help maximize return on investment via tracking and managing the campaign’s activities from a single place without much hassle. With the live reports and analytics made available, this marketing software helps you keep a check on the audience insights from time to time. Hence, keeping you updated with the live data 24×7 with the report.

Advantages of Employing an Influencer Marketing Software

There are numerous advantages to employing influencer marketing software, but here are three of the most important for your brand:

Saves time

From setting influencer marketing objectives and key performance indicators to briefing influencers and monitoring their social media material, influencer marketing is a time-intensive endeavour.

In terms of influencer marketing, you need to:

  • Identify objectives and KPIs
  • Identify and evaluate influencers
  • Saves time bouncing between different social platforms 
  • Product delivery to the influencers

By employing influencer marketing software, you can avoid the hassle of this arduous procedure while guaranteeing that you’re on pace to raise brand awareness, promote consumer engagement, and drive sales.

Helps you boost your outreach’s success

You can confidently approach influencers if your influencer marketing software is opt-in only. That’s because they admit they enjoy receiving brand communications. For merged data sets, this may not be relevant. Influencer marketing tools that charge a premium will regularly cull their influencer lists to maintain a high standard of members.

Evaluate the impact of key influencers

Influencer marketing software lets you sort influencers by criteria like engagement rate and the number of followers. This facilitates the identification of micro-influencers or creators with sufficient audience engagement. These influencer marketing tools can instantly highlight these patterns without the need for manual number crunching.

Disadvantages of Employing an Influencer Marketing Software

Influencer marketing software does come equipped with its fair share of drawbacks, even if it does sound good up to this point.

Not so cost-effective

Using influencer marketing software is not a cheap venture, which is the software’s primary drawback. Incorporating this technology does not come without a price tag. Consequently, it will be challenging for many start-ups and small businesses to allocate funds for influencer marketing. 

Difficult monitoring progress and determining ROI

The success of an influencer marketing campaign is difficult to gauge without supplementary resources. Also, it’s important to monitor the campaign’s outcomes; otherwise, you might as well keep doing the same things repeatedly without any idea of their efficacy.

When to Choose Influencer Marketing Software?

  • Your in-house staff possesses essential experience in the field of influencer marketing. When this is accomplished, the team will have reliable access to the top influencer marketing software like Quruz, which will assist them in campaign planning, execution, management, and measurement.
  • Influencer marketing software comes in handy when it is a simple and easy-to-carry-out campaign that does not require conformity with any stringent guidelines or restrictions.
  • When reaching the largest possible audience is the ultimate goal, this is when brands prefer influencer marketing software. 

What is an Influencer Marketing Agency?

Influencer marketing agencies work with companies and influencers to run social media influencer marketing campaigns. Some agencies specialize in influencer campaigns on one or two social networks, while others deal with them on every channel.

What Does an Influencer Marketing Agency do?

Enables marketers to communicate with a particular audience

Because socioinfluencers deliver category-specific content, they have a targeted audience actively engaging with it. Exactly, this is what brands do. Brands must invest substantial time and money to identify and test their target audience. 

On the other hand, influencer marketing agencies permit marketers to reach a pre-defined audience via influencers where their target audience spends the most time, i.e. on social media platforms. Agencies assist marketers in targeting the correct viewers/followers of social media influencers to convert them into clients.

Offers quality via trust and credibility

Influencer marketing agencies put their customers’ requirements first and do everything they can to assure the success of their campaigns by building relationships based on reputation, trust, and results. The quality of the relationship between an influencer marketing agency and its influencers is, thus, paramount to any campaign’s success. Influencer marketing agencies help with credibility and leveraging a brand connection from the appropriate influencers to position the company’s products/services.

Supplement to the content strategy of a company

Unquestionably, content preparation is an integral part of every marketing endeavour that somehow may not always be engaging and original. However, these marketing agencies have a tremendous opportunity to improve their content strategy and marketing strategising.

Here is how it operates: 

Experts and brand influencers understand how to create content that will encourage their audience to join.

Brands in collaboration with the influencer marketing agencies work together with the brand influencers to develop a content strategy that meets the campaign’s objectives. This is how these influencer marketing agencies use brand influencers to position the brand effectively.

Advantages of Employing an Influencer Marketing Agency

Uncertainty about hiring an influencer marketing agency is natural. But there are a few advantages of employing an influencing marketing agency.

Helps with consistent campaign marketing

If you work with a single influencer marketing agency, your customers will have a more consistent experience across your initiatives. Most influencer companies have established a stable of go-to influencers. They can predict who will have the greatest impact on your target market.

Working with a professional influencer agency may avoid having multiple departments inside your company weed out potential influencers for separate parts of your campaigns. Avoiding internal competition is a key strategy for attracting and retaining top-tier influencers.

Time and cost-effective

Companies may find that influencer marketing takes up a sizable chunk of their time. This is especially true for businesses that adopt a more organic strategy and, as a result, must win over key opinion leaders to encourage them to work together.

If a brand wants to get involved in the content creation process, it may have to allocate more resources, especially if it needs to hire full-time graphic designers, photographers, copywriters, etc.

An influencer marketing agency can reduce a company’s marketing department’s workload. The agency handles your correspondence with key opinion leaders, saving you time.

Disadvantages of Employing an Influencer Marketing Agency

Like any other topic, influencer marketing agencies can be seen from both pro and con perspectives. Some potential drawbacks of using them are outlined below.

Challenging manage metrics

When you hire an influencer marketing agency, you hire them to do the work for you, not to explain every single strategy they use. When the end of your campaign approaches or your relationship with the agency ends, they will no longer share any of their strategies with you. 

You want the agency to keep you apprised of campaign metrics and statistics as they become available, but you may not be the agency’s only client. When your organization is the gatekeeper to your information, getting the data you need when you need it might be a pain and will need some patience on your part.

Restricted access to features

Marketing firms specializing in influencer outreach often collaborate with popular social media stars and bloggers in specific niches. You’ll need to hire another digital marketing agency if you want your company to become included in print or broadcast publications. You can find other marketing firms that will help you submit awards, copyedit and proofread your website material, and pitch your latest press release or project to local and national media. Still, this firm will only pitch your campaign to influencers.

When to Choose Influencer Marketing Agency?

  • If the campaign takes much time, engaging an influencer marketing agency is advisable.
  • When several steps are carried out precisely, the expertise and experience of an influencer marketing agency is then of the utmost importance.
  • Campaigns that take a long time and need a lot of planning and detail usually have more steps and must adhere to stricter guidelines that only agencies can sort out.
  • Expectations for the campaign need to be measured repeatedly to make adjustments frequently. This is when influencer marketing agencies come in handy.


While most startups and SMBs use platforms, larger companies hire influencer marketing agencies. However, there is no one rule, and exceptions are possible. What is really important is who can provide the necessary impetus for your influencer marketing strategy. 

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