Anticipating the Future of Social Media: Predictions for 2023

We are at the beginning of the year 2023 and what a turbulent year it was for everything including social media. With the decline of Facebook, the rise of Reels, and the chaotic shift of Twitter, it’s like we have seen it all. But according to the experts the year 2023 awaits even more surprises.

Let’s discuss social media predictions for 2023 to look out for:)

Short Video will maintain its supremacy

Since the rise of Tik Tok bite-sized videos have been the most watched content on social media all over the world. The engagement-driving charm of the autoplay feature is the reason behind its success and high ROI.  TikTok ban in India has promoted other players to grow and reels have been the most successful followed by Moj, Likee, and Youtube Shorts. 

Although Instagram Reels is facing competition throughout the world, it is growing exponentially in India and the prediction is the growth is going to continue in 2023.

Twitter is going to be controversial 

Twitter has been trending ever since Elon Musk bought the platform in April. It has been been a roller coaster ride since then, from the 50% employee layoff to the blue tick controversy. Honestly, it is not possible to predict what is going to happen to the platform in 2023.

But Twitter is again going to make it to headlines in 2023 that is for sure.

Rise of nano influencers

The rise of user-generated content in the west with platforms like BeReal has opened a gate of authentic and relatable content and India is going to follow suit in 2023. 

The authenticity factor in nano influencers would generate much more engagement than celebrity influencers. This is because nano influencers are consumers turned influencers which makes their content much more relatable to their audience and in turn drives sales. Hence Brands are going to look out for these non-influencers in 2023.

Augmented reality on the rise

It should come as no surprise that augmented reality (AR) is dominating social media given how frequently the metaverse is discussed.

According to Shopify, AR content converts 94% more often than conventional content. With appealing overlays of computer images, augmented reality (AR) essentially improves real-world digital encounters. 

Snapchat Lenses introduced this trend to the social media world in 2015. Brands have been experimenting with in-app features like in-room product visualization, virtual apparel try-on, games, home tours, cross-app integrations, and more during the past couple of years, particularly with the development of social commerce. 

Consider how incorporating augmented reality (AR) into your social strategy might improve your digital presence and influence customer decisions as online presences compete with in-person encounters.

Self-scheduling for platform

Since quite some time, Twitter and Facebook have provided native post-scheduling. In 2020, Meta made it possible for businesses to plan content from their Instagram feeds via the Facebook Creator Studio. 

And finally, LinkedIn and Instagram joined on board in 2022 and started investigating this feature. Businesses and content creators should anticipate a new method to manage content as the two native scheduling newcomers test out their new features. 

Usage of AI for content creation and tracking

Let’s be clear about what is meant by AI in this context. A program that efficiently draughts social media posts or finds new advertising channels is all that it is. The software gets better over time as it is exposed to more data. The market for AI is anticipated to expand by 120% annually.

Most likely, you already use it; you may not, however, have a clear plan for doing so. Copywriting assistance is one approach to start incorporating AI into your strategy. A few questions can be entered, and the AI software will respond with copy recommendations.

But keep in mind that artificial intelligence will never match the power of customized, genuine content. While using these resources, you can generate fresh concepts and caption ideas.

These are the social media trends of 2022 we are going to look out for. What are your predictions?  Let us know in the comment section below. 

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