Beginner’s Guide: Simplifying Your Influencer Campaign for More Efficient Execution

News of every brand trying influencer marketing is everywhere. I’ll try not to make it more overwhelming than it already is. 

Giving you stats that matter and hacks to make your influencer marketing journey easier. 

On average, brands see $5.43 ROI on every dollar spent. The top 13% of businesses see $20 ROI for every dollar spent. 

This is not it; 60% of brand marketers believe influencer-generated content performs better than branded posts. 

One more stat, hold on. 

8 out of 10 consumers buy a product after seeing an influencer suggesting it. 

The scope of influencer marketing is increasing day by day. Not trying it for your brand growth would be a marketing mistake that can be avoided. 

Continue reading to kick-start your influencer marketing journey. 

Hacks to Execute Influencer Campaign With Less Bandwidth 

1. Finding Influencers 

What’s the first step that comes to your mind when trying to find influencers for your campaign?

Google Search… 

Ofcourse, you get a list of influencers from different blogs, but that’s not the end of the list. 

Instead, you can try the following ways to find the influencers:

A. Using Hashtags

Consider you’re a food brand operating in Bangalore. 

Then you can search like #foodbloggerbangalore #bengalurufoodblogger. 

This way, you can see a list of posts with the same hashtag. Now, research every profile to see if you can shortlist them. 

Your hashtag can be based on industry, location, or celebration. 

B. Following Look Alike

When you follow one influencer, Instagram will automatically suggest related influencers. Now you can figure out if they suit your brand or not. 

C. Finding Influencer Mutual Network

This step is more luck based; you can still try it out. 

You can find the influencers following influencers from a similar niche for content inspiration or more of a following peer-to-peer basis. 

2. Analyzing Profiles 

A. See the Following Rate

Once you end up in an influencer profile, what’s the first thing you notice?

Follower count…

Follower count helps categorize which type of influencer they’re: Mega/macro/mid-tier/micro/nano. 

B. Analyze the Engagement Rate

Only considering the influencer’s following number will not help finalize whether their content engages well with their audience. 

Go through their posts and see the average number of likes and comments the influencer received. 

That’ll give you a fair idea of the influencer’s engagement with their audience. 

C. Research Previous Campaigns

It’s time to take a step ahead and see the number of collaborations they have done with competitors or other brands. 

Check the comments, likes, and views the content has received. 

Secret: Comment section would help determine the average number of bot followers engaging with the influencer’s account.  

3. Outreach 

A. Social Media DM

A traditional and go-to method most marketers try is reaching out to influencers via social media DM (Direct message.)

The chances of your message being in their queue are higher; however, if you get lucky, they might also respond to your message. 

B. Email

Most influencers should have added their email address in their profile section. 

Try emailing them why you think they’d best suit your brand. 

If there’s no response to your email, try sending a follow-up email. 

C. Commenting on Posts 

As a last resort, try commenting on influencer posts to notify them your brand would like to collaborate with them. 

Drawback… might annoy most of the influencers. 

Try not to go overboard and spam their comment section. 

4. Building a Relationship 

Building a good relationship with the influencer is non-negotiable. 

This will help enhance your partnership while bringing the best out of your campaigns. 

Few tips you can follow:

  • Appreciate their previous brand collaborations 
  • Engage with their content daily

5. Negotiation

The bond you have with your influencer significantly impacts the negotiation stage. 

A. Negotiate Cost and Deliverables

Ask for the price of the influencer and see if it fits your marketing budget. 

If not, try negotiating with the number of deliverables you expect or by offering the products (if only they agree). 

B. Finalize the Type of Content

The influencer working on so many campaigns might have a basic understanding of what will work for their target audience. 

Discuss your ideas with the influencer and confirm the type of content you’d like to proceed with. 

6. Tracking Campaign

Your campaign is live… then what?

Tracking… how well your content performs… how is the content impacting your target audience… 

  • If your campaign has discount codes, try tracking the number of completed purchases
  • Or track the UTM codes to see the leads you receive from the influencer’s content

Feel free to ask the influencers for campaign insights to understand how your target audience has interacted with the content. 

Bonus Hack to Perform Campaigns 

Using an influencer marketing platform is one of the biggest hacks for executing your influencer campaign with less bandwidth (also as a beginner). 

With everything in one place, you’ll save time, reduce stress, make informed decisions, and increase the chances of higher ROI. 

An influencer marketing platform can help you 

  • Find the right influencer
  • Analyze influencer profile
  • Contact influencer directly
  • Negotiate cost and deliverables 
  • Track results and export reports


Executing an influencer marketing campaign as a beginner with limited bandwidth is challenging, but it is not impossible. 

Utilizing an influencer marketing platform, you can create an impactful campaign with less stress and effort. 

Remember, the goal is to reach your target audience and drive revenue; with the right tools, you can do just that. 

Don’t let bandwidth constraints hold you back from unlocking the full potential of influencer marketing for your brand. 

Start your influencer marketing campaign and watch your brand soar!

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