Five major predictions for influencer marketing

Most of us have bought something recommended by our favorite influencers, and we all are witnessing the power of influencer marketing. That is why influencer marketing is one of the hottest marketing trends right now.

Top brands are collaborating with influencers to drive sales. And why wouldn’t they? Influencer marketing has proven to give better ROI than ads, and it also helps to build a better customer relationship.

But influencer marketing is not going to be the same. The strategies for influencer marketing are going to be different from last year.

In 2023, influencer marketing is going to be easier than ever. Read on to learn how!

Media Influencers Will Outnumber Celebrities (More Than You Can Imagine)

The press release tactic is getting old. So it is better to drop it altogether from your marketing plan. The smart thing to do is to adopt a strategy according to the trend and make a lasting impact.

Platforms like Instagram and YouTube are popular among users. That is why most brands will turn to these platforms for influencer marketing. A recent study showed that millennials think YouTube stars are far more influential than celebrities.

Influencers Will Earn More Than Ever

Back then, when influencer marketing was new and not well-known, brands gravitated towards barter collaborations in which they offered free products in exchange for a blog post or a social media post. It was harmless to accept products as payment. In turn, it created a bartering culture.

In 2022, many brands will opt-out of the barter system and will pay the influencers the value they provide to the brands. Most of the influencers will start quoting rates, which is going to be beneficial for both the brands and the influencers.

Rules and Regulations Will Help Everyone

With the evolving influencer marketing industry, there is going to be a need for stricter regulation. Last year, there was hype around the introduction of FTC guidelines. For sustainable growth, rules and regulations are necessary and will be imposed even more strictly to protect customers.

Influencer Marketing Platforms Will Get Smarter

This prediction is based on the evolution of influencer marketing in general. In 2021-2022, we saw some new influencer marketing platforms, and all those platforms were catering to the idea of making a site that would solve the problems of influencers (as they have designed their site keeping influencers as their target audience). Most of these influencer marketing platforms can only solve some of the problems marketers have (searching for influencers is easy, but finding the right one is pretty hard). The platforms that are going to survive are the ones that solve the problems faced by marketers and influencers.

The right tools will show you metrics such as past brand collaborations, engagement rate, demographic, and the influencer’s insights in detail.

Organic or Paid? Both Will Stay Relevant!

Influencer relations generally rely upon organic involvement. Influencer marketing is becoming more popular than ever. Brands that explore influencer marketing might look to work with paid influencers because organic involvement only works for some brands. Therefore, there will be a significant difference between organic influencer relations and paid influencer marketing.


So, these were the top influencer marketing predictions for 2022. If you are looking for a solution, you can explore influencer marketing platforms, but deciding the one is still challenging. There are a number of paid influencer platforms that fail to provide desired results.

For all your influencer marketing needs, you can look at Qoruz, one of the top influencer marketing platforms.

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