How to Improve Your Twitter Marketing: 5 Tips to Follow

Nowadays, Twitter is widely used for sharing opinions, staying updated on various topics, and keeping abreast of global events. In India, start-ups and entrepreneurs are capitalizing on Twitter to increase their reach and customer base by connecting with existing and potential customers. With numerous influencers on Twitter having varied areas of expertise, businesses can target their desired audience effectively. However, marketers often struggle to come up with new ideas to engage their followers. In this article, we will discuss five ways to overcome the Twitter marketer’s block and boost audience engagement.

Run Twitter Polls:

  1. Create polls on Twitter with relevant questions that attract your followers’ attention. You can collaborate with relevant influencers to share the poll and provide your expert opinion on the poll results.

Post Short Videos:

  1. With Twitter’s increased video duration to 140 seconds, you can use short videos as teasers for upcoming product launches to involve more followers and refresh your marketing strategy.

Take Advantage of Trending Stories:

  1. Monitor Twitter trends to identify ways your brand can add value to a story through a technique known as ‘newsjacking.’ Twitter trends are location and audience-specific, allowing you to stay relevant while engaging your audience.

Tag Relevant Influencers:

  1. Tagging relevant influencers in your tweets and looking for co-branded conversations is a good practice to create authentic conversations and maximize your reach through direct messages, retweets, and mentions.

Include Useful Links:

  1. Mentioning links in your tweets can generate traffic opportunities and allow your followers to learn more about your business. Tweets with links in the middle perform better than those with links at the beginning or end.

Incorporating these tactics into your Twitter marketing strategy can help your brand expand its presence on this platform. Following these tips can lead to growth in your followers and engagement levels over time.

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