Strategies for identifying the ideal influencer to promote your brand

According to a recent consumer study, nine out of ten people have more trust in influencers than in brands. Another study suggests that ads do not perform as well as influencer marketing. Most people see influencers as their friends or someone in their community suggesting a product which is why they are more likely to buy the product it. Instead of ads that may seem scary or disturbing to the same people. 

If people don’t trust your brand, you will soon lose your business to your competitor. So, as a brand, it is essential that your customers trust your brand in the same way they trust influencers. 

But how to do it?

The solution to this problem is working with the right influencers. Right influencers can bring the kind of traction you want for your brand in a streamlined way which will help your brand build a trustworthy relationship with your client in the long run. 

But finding the right influencer is not that straightforward a lot of factors have to be taken into consideration before finalizing influencers. Here are some of the most important ones

Concentrate on niche

The first step is to search for an influencer is to find one, who is making content around a particular topic. The niche influencer is covering should be related to your brand. And just covering the broad topic is not enough, the influencer’s content should cover the niche in detail. 

Let us understand this by an example: Your selected beauty-focused influencer but if they are only talking about skincare and your company sells lipstick, they will not be a perfect match for your brands.

Location of the influencer 

The location should also be a significant aspect to consider before searching for an influencer. which means that the location of the influencer should be the same as your brand already has a presence or is looking to expand its presence in that location.

You should also keep in mind that the influencer’s audience should match your brand’s target audience. For example, if you want to target people on a national level but your target influencer’s audience is only limited to a city, you will have to look elsewhere.

Demographics the engage 

You should not solely focus on geographical location but also on other criteria. You should look at the demographics of your target influencer’s audience, depending on your needs, including age, race & gender. All these factors will undoubtedly influence how an audience will respond to your message.

Engagement rate 

It is one of the best ways to know the real authority of an influencer by examining their followers. The follower count will tell you that an influencer is big, but it won’t tell how much they engage their audience. You can look at the engagement to know the effect an influencer has on her or his audience.

You can know this by looking at simple points, are the followers responding to their influencer’s messages? Are they also participating in conversations?

These are some of the most important points to spot the right influencers for your brand. But choosing the right influencer is not an easy task and prone to human error, and requires a lot of time and effort. 

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