How to execute a micro-influencer campaign?

Influencer marketing is a very effective way to drive sales, brands use it in a strategic way to level up their profit. But, most of the famous influencers are out of budget which makes influencer marketing an expensive affair. 

Working with micro-influencer is the ultimate solution to this problem. It is not only cheaper to work with micro-influencers but they also have a higher engagement rate than influencers with a large following. 

A study conducted to find out the engagement rate of influencers showed Influencers with 10,000 to 100,000 followers were most effective at engaging their audiences, displaying a higher like rate (2.37%) than celebrities and influencers with more than a million followers.

So micro-influencers are a great and cost-effective way to do influencer marketing, but there are certain things to keep in mind before finalizing a micro-influencer for your next campaign.

Fake followers alert

Fake following is a huge problem when it comes to micro-influencers. This is because they have a small following and it is very easy for anyone to buy fake or bot followers and pretend to be a micro-influencer. That is why it is very important to analyze profiles before working with micro-influencer.

Focus on engagement

The main idea behind this is engagement leads to growth. Before reaching out to micro-influencers, ensure that they have proper engagement with their followers.

Check the comments, likes, social shares, engagement metrics, and retweets. This will give you an idea about the engagement of the influencer. Influencers with large followings do not have the type of engagement as micro-influencers because it is much easier to engage with 1,000 followers than with 50,000 followers.

Find one, find more

Influencer marketing is challenging and requires hard work to get desired results. You will have to develop a different strategy to get the most out of your campaign and connect with other lookalike micro-influencers.

You can start with one particular influencer but you cannot depend on that sole influencer for long. It is necessary to build an army of micro-influencers that can provide you with the impact you want. 

Work with relevant influencers

Let’s understand this with an example: For selling fashion apparel, you approach a YouTube prankster with a demographic of 10- to 15 -year-old boys. Is this audience relevant to what you are selling?

Even if the influencer has a high engagement rate and every video gets likes and comments, the ROI will not be adequate for you. It is essential to find the right influencer who specializes in your niche and can boost your ROI.

Beware of influencer pods

Some micro-influencer may be a part of influencer pods. Being a part of such pods results in a botched engagement rate. That is why it is necessary to identify the influencer who is a part of the influencer pod to avoid being scammed. They will have a high engagement rate but, the engagement is not real.

Read about influencer pod in detail here


It is best to put a value system in place before working with micro-influencers. Pushing them will affect their content and bad content cannot drive sales. Hence try to concentrate on quality over quantity.

Working with micro-influencer is a time-consuming process, each step has a problem of its own.

Finding relevant influencers is a difficult task, contacting them and performance tracking is another headache. 

Try Qoruz to simplify influencer marketing campaigns and streamline the whole process at a single platform that is extremely easy to use. Qoruz takes care of everything influencer marketing so you can concentrate on your business and upscale your revenue.

Tell us in the comments below how you work with micro-influencers.

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