What is an Influencer Marketing Platform? A Complete Overview

Earlier, the world of influencers was primarily only celebrities, sports, and journalism. Then social media expanded and greeted a new range of achievers who enjoyed a massive following. 

These people could draw the audience’s attention to your product.

The age of social media influencers had kicked in, giving birth to software and tools that identified and managed everything about them. As a result, now, there is a new field dedicated to Influencer Marketing Services and the tech to support them.

These are the Influencer Marketing Platforms. 

Let’s take a look.

What is an Influencer Marketing Platform?

In brief, it is the software branding marketing agencies use for influencer marketing services. This platform studies your brand to identify the best-suited influencers based on parameters like location, the number of followers, their engagement rate, and the niche of their content. 

It then forges connections and manages your campaigns end to end. 

Good platforms provide some influencer marketing services from the beginning of the search for the right people to running campaigns and analyzing them. More importantly, it would help if you had this tool to monitor the campaign performance and the influencer’s impact on your brand audience.

An influencer marketing platform reduces the manual effort required to run marketing campaigns successfully. It does all the hard work while you can strategize, liaise with the influencers, and generate and analyze affiliate links. 

Eventually, the algorithms of their clever software features allow you to customize every search and connection per the campaign with an array of adaptable filters.

Influencer Marketing Services have transitioned from being run manually to evolving digitally.

Evolution of Influencer Marketing

The number of Indians accessing the internet has burgeoned during and after the pandemic. Indian Influencer Network is the most prominent in personal care, food, beverages, fashion, and jewelry, followed by electronics, which comprise 70% of the influencer marketing volume.

Manually scouting eminent personalities has become difficult. That is why marketers have realized the need for superior tech to support their goals, pushing the growth of influencer campaign management software and unprecedented micro-influencer platforms in India. Ultimately, these software programs immensely affect the brands.

Here’s how.

Impact of Influencer Marketing Platforms in 2022

We have reached a stage wherein 90% of people buy from a recommended brand. We all like to listen to what an influential person says about brands we want to use. Influencer marketing has seen a 465% hike in Google searches in the past six years alone. The industry is expected to cross a valuation of $16 billion.

The ball rests in the influencers’ court. Businesses earn more than five times for every dime spent on influencer marketing. That’s why influencer marketing platforms have become the need of the hour. 

Brands looking for influencers in India invest a lot in setting up the influencer marketing platform. The idea is to automate the complete process of successfully onboarding celebrities and having them speak about your brand. Influencer Marketing Software generated over $800 million in 2021 alone.

This shift has pushed traditional marketing agencies to offer influencer marketing services. Hence, this technology has deeply penetrated the market. You can count on software like Qoruz to streamline the process. 

Are you looking for more reasons to invest in an influencer marketing platform? We are sure these arguments will change your mind.

Why Should Brands Adopt Influencer Marketing Platforms?

For Scaling Up

You can continue to play by the traditional methods. But eventually, you will want to expand your Indian Influencer Network as your products grow. 

The more celebrities you associate with, the more you must invest in their management. It ultimately calls for a robust system to handle the operations.

For Finding the Right People

Influencers know the audience better and can establish strong communication channels for you. They rule social media. So, by connecting with the right experts, you can harness their goodwill, roll out posts that resonate with your audience, and nourish your brand image.

Influencer marketing platforms help you locate and connect with the right set of people who can help promote your brand.

Unfortunately, companies get fooled by fake influencers who can deceive in various ways. Most influencer platforms run thorough checks before matching an influencer with your needs. They also help you connect and onboard them.

Suppose you need an influencer with strong Insta Reels content and a more substantial following to promote your cosmetics lineup. In that case, you can use this influencer marketing platform to find the best match for your product.

For Managing Campaigns Successfully

Most social media platforms have Influencer Campaign Management Software and easily accessible dashboards that provide all necessary information in one place. You can monitor the campaign performance, churn out details of existing influencers, manage campaign data through the Influencer Analytics Platform, and communicate and collaborate with influencers in a few clicks.

Ultimately, you can use the data-driven insights generated by a solid influencer marketing platform to make business decisions.

For Productive ROI

It would help if you expected returns on your time, efforts, and money spent on each campaign. An influencer marketing platform can provide valuable marketing analytics regularly to help you evaluate the performance of each investment and campaign.

Here are some of the metrics that this software provides:

  • Details of the influencer followers
  • Post metrics, including the number of likes, reach, impressions, and clicks
  • Analysis of influencer engagement
  • Audience demographics
  • Overall ROI
  • Performance monitoring and metric analysis
  • Real-time reports for posts and campaigns

For a Healthy Lineup

It can present a queue of influencers to take your brand to greater heights. One influencer can give you a targeted audience for your product. Then, you can multiply that number by the number of influencers you onboard with a focused marketing platform.

For Staying Ahead of the Competition

Your approach is everything in social media. Banal marketing messages have been made redundant by the barrage of people who have made a mark on the internet. With the strong backing of influencer tech, you can bring known faces on board to promote your brand and outshine the others in your field.

How Influencer Marketing Platforms Help Brands

The list of benefits of incorporating influencer marketing platforms is endless. Besides these clear pros, here are a few more areas that these master programs smoothen for brands. These traits make influencer marketing platforms indispensable for every company.

We need the following:

To Gather A Variety of Content

With access to thousands of influencers, influencer marketing platforms enable brands to opt for a bouquet of ideas and create content that keeps the users hooked. With such a tool, you never face a shortage of creativity.

To Tap New Audience Bases

Influencers have a variety of audiences from different regions and demography, some of which may be undiscovered by your brand. The platform can help you identify the untapped markets and find influencers with followers in your targeted location, age group, or demography. 

This information can increase your social media following and enhance your brand positioning. It also lets you monitor their performance and interaction with the new audience.

To Diversify Your Content

You might only sometimes need people with followers of millions to get the word across. Some experts with incredible ranges enjoy a following of a few thousand. That’s why you need a robust micro-influencer platform to identify such talent. Plus, brands must ensure they have a diverse mix of content that draws an audience from varied demography.

To Drive Sales

Ultimately, you will need promotional tools, like promo codes and coupons, to draw attention, especially during peak season. Even affiliate links work wonders if your content is click-worthy. You can use the data generated by these tools to decide on commissions.

The verdict is out and loud. It is said if you don’t exist on social media, you don’t exist at all. But the fact is, you need to use an influencer marketing platform to utilize your social media presence effectively. 

These tools provide brands with the ultimate flexibility for conjuring a new horde of followers from nothing. So whenever you have a new product launch, a dip in sales, or want to engage with your audience, just rev up this tool. Your arsenal will be ready.

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