Praanesh, Qoruz CEO, about Free Influencer Search Engine and why it's a must have for Digital Agencies


Co-Founder & CEO

We envision a connected Influencer ecosystem. By that, we mean not looking at Influencers as "Vehicles of Reach" or "Human Ad Banners" but a world where Brands and Marketers forge tighter relationships with influencers, beyond "money" or "reach".

And thats why... Qoruz Search is totally free for end-users. You can use our Influencer search engine without time limits.

No tricks. No gimmicks. Truly Free.


Yes, the Qoruz Influencer Search Engine is TRULY free. There are no restrictions or limits to the number of searches you can make within the platform. No gimmicks.

The Qoruz Search is meant for users with broader Influencer Marketing needs. For enterprises which need flexibility and agility, we have paid subscription plans.

We believe in a connected influencer economy. Launching the ability to find and connect with Influencers is the first step in our goal to achieving that.

You can book a demo via this link. One of our solutions specialists will fix you up with a custom demo shortly from there!