Top Youtubers in India (2021)

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"YouTube has become one of the most renowned platforms for entertainment, education, and earning. Every hour hundreds of videos are uploaded by businesses, individuals, charities, and other organizations on YouTube. As per a report, 5.5 billion videos are watched by 30 million viewers globally. You would be amazed to know that there are a lot of YouTubers whose views are more than the TV programs in India. As it is growing tremendously, many people are taking it as their full-time career. In India, too, there are a lot of YouTuber’s who show their dynamic skills, and the viewers wait eagerly to watch their videos. Check out the list of such top YouTubers in India handpicked by the industry experts based on Qoruz score."

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Name Followers AVG. Engagement Qoruz score
32.1m 4.7m 9.21
26.4m 3m 9.2
20.8m 2.1m 9.2
13.4m 1.8m 9.1
22.7m 1.7m 9.08
23.5m 837.1k 8.57
5.3m 694.7k 8.5
5.2m 636k 8.47
12.2m 256.8k 7.96
6.3m 237.4k 7.93
14.4m 231.6k 7.92
2.4m 161.5k 7.79
5.9m 153.5k 7.78
17.1m 131.1k 7.74
4.4m 127.8k 7.73
6.1m 108.8k 7.7
9.9m 90.1k 7.67
3.8m 70.5k 7.63
17.5m 32.1k 7.24
5.5m 30.8k 7.21
11.9m 28.2k 7.16
9.6m 27k 7.14
6.3m 17.7k 6.95
21.6m 13.6k 6.87
11m 13.2k 6.86
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