Top Gym Bloggers & Influencers in India (2021)

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From diets to physical exercising & body building, influencers stress upon different aspects related to health and fitness. Here is a list of such fitness bloggers and influencers in India who has inspired many with their fitness routine.

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Name Followers AVG. Engagement Qoruz score
Yash Anand
254.6k 50.1k 9.2
Paras Thakral
319.2k 34.5k 8.89
3.2m 24.5k 8.69
Gaurav Yadav
259.7k 22k 8.64
Pavi Padukone
590.2k 20.6k 8.61
Mukesh Gahlot
562.2k 20.2k 8.6
Shaili Chikara-Wonder Woman
375.5k 11.8k 8.43
Rahul Kumar
119k 9.9k 8.39
837.4k 8.9k 8.3
Farhan khan
148.5k 6.8k 8.11
Amrit Pal Singh
159.7k 4.4k 7.91
Zaid Khan
153.3k 4.1k 7.88
Hazzel choudhry
176.8k 3.5k 7.82
Harman Sidhu
250.2k 3.2k 7.79
Mahabali Shera
67.5k 2.8k 7.76
167.8k 2.4k 7.73
Khushboo Bhola
67.2k 1.9k 7.68
58.1k 1.2k 7.62
Mohit Hir
53.7k 1.2k 7.62
Aftab Shaikh
78.5k 1k 7.6
Tushar Uppal
65k 991 7.58
Sunaina Setia
403.1k 720 7.15
Sayed Haider
51.1k 703 7.12
Gaurabh Chakraborty
72.9k 471 6.72
Beena Yadav
140.5k 40 4.13
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