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India has been a part of the Olympics since 1900 and has won 35 medals at the Olympic Games till now. The nation has won almost half of its medals in field hockey and wrestling. This year India bagged 7 medals in total, for India it was the highest return since the 2012 London Games. Check out the list of the Top Olympic medalist in india who have made the country proud with their astonishing performance in the olympics throughout years.

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Name Followers AVG. Engagement Qoruz score
878.4k 248.5k 9.25
4.3m 110.1k 9.21
475.5k 122.8k 9.21
2.6m 126.4k 9.21
184.9k 64.5k 9.2
558.5k 56.8k 9.2
150.7k 45.8k 9.11
1.6m 41.5k 9.03
364.4k 33.7k 8.87
354.2k 22.2k 8.64
293.2k 21.7k 8.63
98.9k 21k 8.62
262.9k 16.3k 8.52
269k 14.1k 8.48
156.6k 8k 8.22
238.8k 6.6k 8.09
155.4k 5.4k 7.99
238.3k 3.9k 7.86
80.6k 2.1k 7.7
25.9k 1.9k 7.68
19.3k 1.6k 7.65
8.3k 1.5k 7.64
7k 801 7.28
114.2k 767 7.22
2.6k 324 6.33
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