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Did you know that Indian users spend around 6 hours online each day. Yes nearly half a day! This clearly shows how social media is influencing us. People love spending time on social media sites and watching interesting content, this is where social media influencers play a crucial part. They entertain the users with their quality content. Nowadays people seek advice and suggestion from Social Media influencers. People indeed trust an influencer more than a brand ad. Check out the list of the best Social Media influencers in India who have been entertaining and educating their audience.

Name Followers AVG. Engagement Engagement Rate AVG. Video Views Qoruz score Contact Details

Jannat Zubair Rahmani -

44.6m 801.2k 1.8% 1.6m 9.39 View Contact

Deepthi Sunaina -

3.8m 246.5k 6.38% 1.1m 9.24 View Contact

Ahsaas Channa -

3.4m 207.7k 5.97% 63.3k 9.24 View Contact

Ritu Rathee Taneja -

1.6m 208.5k 12.46% 1m 9.24 View Contact

Arishfa khan -

29.5m 193.6k 0.66% 596.6k 9.23 View Contact

Vishwa Rathod -

4.3m 177.9k 4.12% 542.8k 9.23 View Contact

Nisha Gurgain -

8.3m 132.1k 1.59% 432.4k 9.22 View Contact

Mrunal Panchal -

4.2m 135.9k 3.22% 510.3k 9.22 View Contact

Rits Badiani (Ritika) -

5m 129.3k 2.55% 284.4k 9.22 View Contact

Barkha Singh -

2.8m 144.8k 5.02% 161.3k 9.22 View Contact

Urfi -

3.6m 151k 4.18% 1.7m 9.22 View Contact

Siddharth Nigam -

10.6m 125.2k 1.18% 490k 9.21 View Contact

Manushi Chhillar -

6.3m 111.4k 1.75% 187k 9.21 View Contact

Nagma -

6.7m 104.6k 1.55% 355k 9.21 View Contact

Sanjana Sanghi -

2.5m 108.9k 4.33% 86.6k 9.21 View Contact

Ashi Khanna -

1.7m 100k 5.87% 167.6k 9.21 View Contact

Beer Biceps -

2m 103.8k 5.11% 230.6k 9.21 View Contact

Madan Gowri -

2m 105k 5.19% 612.5k 9.21 View Contact

Nikhil Sharma -

1.4m 117.2k 8.27% 287.6k 9.21 View Contact

Mridul Madhok -

2m 106.1k 5.08% 139.4k 9.21 View Contact

Ayush Mehra -

1.2m 126.9k 10.46% 526.1k 9.21 View Contact

Naveen Singh -

1.6m 121.3k 7.38% 0 9.21 View Contact
4.2m 72k 1.7% 221.2k 9.2 View Contact

Shipra Khanna -

4.5m 85.5k 1.89% 373.5k 9.2 View Contact

Noorin Shereef -

3.1m 51k 1.61% 141.9k 9.2 View Contact

Divya Agarwal -

3.2m 61.8k 1.91% 224.7k 9.2 View Contact

Sriti Jha -

2.3m 61.7k 2.62% 395.5k 9.2 View Contact

Manav Chhabra -

1.8m 82.3k 4.51% 82.3k 9.2 View Contact

Sunny Chopra -

1.9m 54.6k 2.77% 3m 9.2 View Contact


2.2m 68.2k 3.07% 144.7k 9.2 View Contact

Team Chetna Pande -

2m 75.2k 3.72% 125.1k 9.2 View Contact

Kritika Khurana -

1.7m 80.5k 4.66% 1.2m 9.2 View Contact

Ashwitha S -

1.6m 51.6k 3.1% 117.4k 9.2 View Contact

Aashna Malani -

2m 83.8k 4.14% 827.1k 9.2 View Contact

Baseer Ali -

1.1m 51.8k 4.54% 124.7k 9.2 View Contact

Nyra Banerjee -

5m 66.4k 1.33% 530.8k 9.2 View Contact

Tanzeel -

872k 61.5k 7.05% 183k 9.2 View Contact

Jasleen -

1.8m 71.7k 3.86% 189.4k 9.2 View Contact

hansika krishna -

763.8k 71k 9.29% 245.2k 9.2 View Contact

Priyanka Khera -

1.3m 48.9k 3.57% 115.5k 9.17 View Contact

Dimpi Sanghvi -

3.5m 48.7k 1.39% 307k 9.17 View Contact


3.7m 45.7k 1.21% 102.4k 9.11 View Contact

Neha Malik -

3.3m 44k 1.33% 124.1k 9.08 View Contact

Ankush Bahuguna -

992.5k 42.4k 4.28% 302.2k 9.04 View Contact

Satvik Sankhyan -

488.8k 41.1k 8.42% 205.8k 9.02 View Contact

Radhika Bangia -

1.7m 40.9k 2.31% 348.3k 9.01 View Contact

Diya -

1m 40.1k 3.77% 318.9k 9 View Contact

Dolly Singh -

1.4m 39.8k 2.67% 142k 8.99 View Contact

Kat Kristian -

858.1k 35.4k 4.13% 473.1k 8.9 View Contact

Somya Gupta -

871.1k 34.4k 3.96% 30.2k 8.88 View Contact

Aarushi Dutta -

990.8k 33.1k 3.34% 31.8k 8.86 View Contact

Radhika Seth -

1m 32.3k 3.23% 101.8k 8.84 View Contact

Mahathalli -

914.9k 31.5k 3.44% 74.6k 8.83 View Contact

Himansh Kohli -

3m 28.1k 0.92% 172.2k 8.76 View Contact

Shashank Sanghvi -

2.4m 28.1k 1.15% 254.1k 8.76 View Contact

Aadil Khan -

1.3m 27.8k 2.14% 127.7k 8.75 View Contact

Sobhita Dhulipala -

796.9k 26.6k 3.34% 80.6k 8.73 View Contact

Meghna Kaur -

1.1m 25.8k 2.22% 70k 8.71 View Contact

Arsh -

729k 25.2k 3.46% 107.9k 8.7 View Contact

Ritabhari Chakraborty -

3.4m 24.4k 0.71% 76.1k 8.68 View Contact


1.8m 21.7k 1.2% 0 8.63 View Contact

Roshni Bhatia -

582.2k 21.6k 3.72% 208.1k 8.63 View Contact

stylefiestadiaries -

1.3m 21.4k 1.62% 91.3k 8.62 View Contact

Larissa D'sa -

709.1k 20k 2.83% 160.6k 8.6 View Contact

Aashna Shroff -

964.9k 18.3k 1.9% 25.2k 8.56 View Contact

Richi Shah -

1.1m 17.7k 1.53% 32.4k 8.55 View Contact

Shilpa Chaudhary -

1m 17.7k 1.69% 41.1k 8.55 View Contact

Monami Ghosh -

1.8m 16.9k 0.93% 32.1k 8.53 View Contact

kabita's kitchen -

1m 15.9k 1.51% 151.6k 8.51 View Contact

Shivesh -

865.4k 15.5k 1.79% 57.4k 8.51 View Contact

Aakriti Rana -

949.4k 15.3k 1.62% 51k 8.5 View Contact

Rohit Khandelwal -

823.9k 15.4k 1.87% 30.2k 8.5 View Contact

Nibeditaa Paal -

766.1k 15k 1.96% 11.1k 8.5 View Contact
1m 14.7k 1.44% 89.4k 8.49 View Contact

Savi And Vid -

1.2m 14.3k 1.18% 99.8k 8.48 View Contact

Shivani Singh -

809.2k 13.2k 1.64% 8.4k 8.46 View Contact

Sudhir Shivaram -

887.7k 13.1k 1.48% 13.1k 8.46 View Contact

Rhea Kapoor -

1.7m 12.4k 0.72% 157.7k 8.44 View Contact

Shenaz -

1m 12.1k 1.19% 134.2k 8.44 View Contact

Manjull Khattar -

2m 11.9k 0.58% 102k 8.43 View Contact

Ranveer Brar -

1.9m 11.6k 0.59% 64.4k 8.43 View Contact

riya soni -

790k 11.7k 1.49% 69.3k 8.43 View Contact

Sejal Kumar -

839.4k 11.2k 1.33% 41.4k 8.42 View Contact

Nikita Upadhyay -

1m 11.1k 1.06% 72.1k 8.42 View Contact

Arshad Warsi -

861.5k 11.3k 1.31% 108.8k 8.42 View Contact

Jubin Shah -

2.3m 10.2k 0.44% 36.6k 8.4 View Contact

Janvi Singh -

806.3k 9.7k 1.21% 22.7k 8.37 View Contact

Shivangi Verma -

1m 9.5k 0.95% 14.1k 8.36 View Contact

Akshata Sonawane -

623.6k 8.9k 1.44% 35.7k 8.31 View Contact

Kirandeep Kaur -

733.9k 7.8k 1.07% 48.3k 8.21 View Contact

Saloni Sehra -

702.7k 7.1k 1.02% 63.3k 8.14 View Contact

Vikas Khanna -

2.3m 6.7k 0.29% 110.6k 8.11 View Contact

Nitibha Kaul -

930.8k 6.7k 0.72% 42.5k 8.1 View Contact

Lopamudra Raut -

1m 6.3k 0.63% 15.3k 8.07 View Contact

Pankaj Bhadouria -

1.2m 4.8k 0.4% 77.7k 7.94 View Contact

Santoshi Shetty -

751.2k 4.7k 0.63% 85k 7.93 View Contact

Kunal Kapur -

1.7m 4.6k 0.26% 123k 7.92 View Contact

Sushant Divgikr -

2m 3.2k 0.16% 37.4k 7.79 View Contact

Insha Ghai -

652.4k 3k 0.47% 116.3k 7.78 View Contact

Meghna's Food Magic -

1.7m 2.4k 0.14% 75k 7.73 View Contact

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Influencers nurture strong, personal connections with their followers that brands cannot achieve today. The bigger the brand, the harder it is to be close and personable with your followers.

Influencers have the ability to sway the purchasing decisions of their followers due to their expertise, charisma, or authority. By also letting followers into their lives, influencers manage to build powerful relationships based on loyalty and trust.

This is why an increasing number of companies are opting for influencer marketing.

Most believe influencer marketing is as simple as finding a popular social media influencer, connecting with them, and paying them to create posts about your brand.

The truth is:

There's a lot more to consider behind the scenes.

From influencer metrics to audience behaviour, influencer marketing consists of a complex world of data and patterns that make it work.

From choosing the right influencer with the right audience to tracking the performance of every single post, influencer marketing needs a strong understanding of the field and lots of precise data to achieve true success.

With Qoruz, analyzing and understanding information has never been more comprehensive or simple. Take the step towards your first influencer marketing campaign by clicking here.

Here are a few simple steps to help you reach out to influencers:

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  2. Prioritize them based on your marketing needs
  3. Gather contact information (most likely email) of each influencer (you can usually find this directly on their social media profile or website)
  4. If there is no contact information, send them a direct message on their social profile.
  5. Craft a concise message introducing yourself and your brand, what you love about the influencer's work, and how a collaboration would be mutually beneficial. Write your campaign expectations and brief in the latter half of your mail or message.
  6. Here what they have to say and find suitable conditions for both parties to begin your partnership.
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