Top Female Travel Bloggers in India (2021)

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In the age of social media, tourism trends are increasingly being shaped by the influencers in the travel space, with social media feeds being the primary source of inspiration for many travel choices. Among a myriad of self-proclaimed travel influencers who use their fame as nothing but a window to showcase their glittery lifestyle and expensive outfits, there are some women travellers, who through their true spirit of exploration, inspire people to create their own travel stories. We’ve compiled a list of such female travel bloggers blazing a trail across the globe.

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Name Followers AVG. Engagement Qoruz score
847.9k 49.8k 9.19
317k 22.6k 8.65
166.8k 11.1k 8.42
220.5k 9.2k 8.33
127.2k 6.7k 8.1
124.5k 4.2k 7.88
103.2k 3.7k 7.84
76.5k 3.4k 7.81
83.6k 3.1k 7.78
49.4k 2.2k 7.71
105.7k 2.2k 7.7
34.8k 2k 7.69
66.8k 1.8k 7.67
46.8k 1.8k 7.67
151.6k 1.3k 7.63
92.9k 1.3k 7.63
103.5k 1.3k 7.62
29.3k 1.2k 7.62
45.2k 1k 7.6
21.5k 1k 7.6
11.9k 916 7.46
30.3k 600 6.96
33.7k 584 6.93
43.7k 541 6.86
61.9k 330 6.34
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