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Top 10 Kolkata Influencers and Bloggers on Instagram (2024)


Curated by

Jithin Sethumadhavan

Vice President - Strategy & New Initiatives @ Qoruz

Published on - Jan 5th 2024

Kolkata is a city of art and culture; many renowned artists and personalities were born and born and brought up in this city. And now, these Kolkata bloggers are sharing the culture and heritage of the city on Instagram. They are killing it in all categories, from making us laugh to entertaining and educating us. Check out the curated list of Top 10 Kolkata Influencers and Bloggers on Instagram based on the engagement rate and many other metrics.

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After you’ve finalized the list of Kolkata influencers and bloggers to work on your influencer campaign, the next crucial step is to find the contact details of the Kolkata influencers and bloggers you’ve finalized. So you can reach out, connect and understand commercials and deliverables before collaborating with the influencer.

Qoruz platform maintains the database of influencer’s contact details which includes the influencer’s email ID & phone number. It also includes the influencer manager’s contact details. SignUp with Qoruz and access influencer contact details.

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Qoruz Score

The Qoruz Score precisely evaluates an influencer's online impact by balancing key metrics like engagement, reach, and content quality. Focusing on top influencers like Top Kolkata Influencer and bloggers, it relies on up-to-date, unbiased data, reflecting current trends and effectiveness. This metric has become essential for making informed, strategic decisions in influencer marketing. It serves as a clear guide for both marketers and influencers, including prominent figures like Top Kolkata Influencer and bloggers, to navigate the ever-evolving digital landscape.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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    Is Qoruz a free influencer search tool?

    Yes, Qoruz is a free search tool with a database of more than 3 lakh influencers available on this platform.

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    How can I find influencers in my niche using Qoruz?

    To find influencers in your niche, use Qoruz's search and filtering features based on relevant categories, keywords, and locations.

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    How can I find the top Kolkata influencers in India?
    • Access Qoruz's platform and navigate to the search feature.
    • Utilize Qoruz's filtering options to refine your search by specifying relevant categories, keywords, and location.

    Review the search results to identify and explore profiles of influencers who align with your criteria.

    Evaluate influencers based on metrics such as Qoruz score, follower count, engagement rate, and content quality to determine the most suitable ones for your needs.

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    What kind of metrics do I need to check while evaluating an influencer?

    Consider engagement rate, average video views, average likes, and follower count. Qoruz also offers the Qoruz score for a comprehensive evaluation of an influencer's impact.

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    Where can I find the contact details and deliverable rates of influencers?

    You can find contact details and deliverable rates of influencers directly on the Qoruz platform

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