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Qoruz Search Engine

Qoruz Search Engine

Our profiling motto. Everyone is an influencer.

An advanced search engine dedicated to help you find the right influencers for your business.

Qoruz Influencer Index

Qoruz Influencer Index

No guesswork. Only data-driven decision making.

A sophisticated influence analysis algorithm that helps you understand the true influence of each influencer.

Qoruz Messenger

Qoruz Messenger

Multiple relationships. One interface.

A sleek and smart messenger that makes it easier to manage all your influencer conversations. Hassle-free.

We started with a search engine and ended up with a monster.

Five social platforms included. 1 million+ social profiles incorporated. 120+ topic categories identified.

  • Search by geography, platform, category, keyword, skill and more.
  • Filter out celebrities and find real-world influencers with topic-level expertise
  • Refine your search with demographic, reach, and engagement filters
Feature Search Engine
Feature Shape Size

For us, influence comes in many shapes and sizes.

That’s why we collect 80+ data points across 5000+ content pieces for each influencer.

  • Unique, three-level influence scoring methodology; scores updated every fortnight
  • Overall influence score based on multiple quantitative and qualitative factors
  • Platform-wise expertise based on engagement and interaction levels
  • Topical relevancy based on publishing frequency and interaction level
  • Detailed audience insights and professional summary for each influencer

While others build campaigns, we help you build a community.

Influencer outreach, campaign management , and relationship building all combined into one platform.

  • Multiple options to directly reach out to relevant influencers
  • Centralized communication for easier campaign execution and reduced turn-around times
  • Monthly analysis that helps you identify new influencers who could be potential brand advocates
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