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Qoruz vs Klear

Key Considerations Qoruz Klear
Free Version
Dedicated Support longer turn around time
Influencer Database limited
Influencer Audience Insights Location, gender, and age group Location and gender
Pricing Transparency Hidden
Search by influencer demographic Limited
Hyperlocal influencers
Verified Influencer contact info
Campaign Reporting
Downloadable campaign report in excel sheet

Why is Qoruz a better alternative to Klear?


Discover relevant influencers from India’s largest database of vetted influencers based on your brand’s niche to drive sales and increase your brand recognition.

Unlike Klear, Qoruz offers a range of influencers for brands so that they can target precisely with the help of hyperlocal influencers.

Key Considerations Qoruz Klear
Category search limited
Platform search (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook)
Advance filters
Curated list of influencers limited
Universal influencer score Qoruz Score

Influencer analytics

Filter influencers based on data like past performance and brand collaboration and eliminate fake influencers with fake or bot following. Move ahead with your campaign confidently without worrying about influencers' authenticity.

Unlike Klear, Qoruz offers detailed analytics of influencers that helps brands land genuine influencers every time, backed by relevant data.

Key Considerations Qoruz Klear
Influencer past brand association
Influencer authenticity
Post analysis
Influencer benchmark Limited


Contact influencers or their managers directly through their verified contact details with minimum turnaround time. Set deliverables and content briefs to influencers at scale with the click of a button.

Unlike Klear, Qoruz offers scanned and verified contact details of each influencer, which adds additional transparency to the whole campaign. It also helps in predicting campaign costs accurately.

Key Considerations Qoruz Klear
Verified influencer contact
Minimum turn around
Easy influencer-brand communication


Skip the guesswork altogether with live reporting of the campaign, with metrics like CPE(cost per engagement) and CPV (cost per view). Download the entire report in an excel format and save your precious time of making one from scratch.

Unlike Klear, Qoruz helps you save a lot of time in making a report separately, the reports also come in handy while organizing a new campaign or sharing the campaign results with colleagues.

Key Considerations Qoruz Klear
Live campaign report
Reporting based on multiple KPIs
Downloadable report

Unlock influencer marketing for your brand with Qoruz!

Simplify influencer search

Influencer discovery is simple with Qoruz; find the best fit of influencers for your brand and run a successful campaign every time. The large influencer database with millions of influencers helps your brand find influencers and run diversified campaigns.

Get rid of the guesswork

Avoid guessing influencer price with Qoruz, and never fall into the trap of over-asking. Make the perfect influencer marketing budget for your campaigns every time with zero to and fro with Qoruz’s view price feature.

Run campaigns backed by data

Qoruz empowers brands with data-driven insights to make informed decisions about their campaign. Tracking campaign performance provides valuable data to help brands identify the most effective influencers and content that drive engagement and conversions. This information allows brands to make data-driven decisions for both present and future campaigns, ensuring optimal results.

Frequently Asked Questions

Influencer marketing platform (Qoruz) simplifies influencer marketing for brands and helps scale the campaign based on the brand’s needs.

Get started in three easy steps:

  1. Define your goals
  2. Identify your target audience
  3. Research and identify influencers

Influencer marketing has been proven to be one of the best marketing tools in the world, and it drives one of the highest ROI compared to other marketing efforts.

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