Qoruz Influence Index

Get a deeper understanding of each influencer’s social clout. Go beyond reach and engagement metrics with our advanced influence scoring algorithms, to get rich quantitative and qualitative insights.

  • Social footprint analysis for each influencer based on 80+ data points
  • Three-way influence scoring: Overall Social Scores, Platform Scores, and Topic Scores
I nfluence Index
Audience Analysis

Audience Analysis

Know your influencers’ audience to see how well it fits with your target audience. Leverage demographic and geographic information to prioritize and select influencers matching your campaign needs.

  • Real-time demographic and geographic audience metrics

Qoruz Sphere of Influence

Understand how your brand message could be amplified through influencer networks. Our unique Sphere of Influence analysis demystifies word of mouth dynamics for each influencer’s network.

  • Influencer network analysis – Know who they influence, and who they get influenced by
Sphere of Influence

One-Touch Network Creation

Connect instantly with influencers in your Twitter follower base. Integrate your brand handle with Qoruz and automatically generate a database of influencers you can instantly connect with.

  • Automatic mapping of brand’s Twitter followers with Qoruz influencer database
  • Integrated Twitter outreach – Use Mention Tweets and Direct Messages to connect
One-Touch Network Creation
Multiple Outreach Options

Multiple Outreach Options

Reach out to shortlisted influencers instantly. Get directly in touch with influencers through multiple outreach options.

  • Outreach options – Call, Email, Messenger, Mention Tweets and more
  • Automated signup and onboarding of influencers

Qoruz Messenger

Never lose touch with your brand’s most loyal spokespeople. Manage entire campaigns and influencer relationships through a single communication platform – Qoruz Messenger.

  • Reduced turnaround times on campaign management and executionPersonal connect between brands and influencers
  • Personal connect between brands and influencers
Qoruz Messenger

Hear Conversations that Matter

Measure the true social influence of your brand. Deploy Qoruz tracker to monitor earned media and user generated content around your brand and campaign specific keywords.

  • Track custom keywords and hashtags
  • Historical as well as real-time monitorin
  • Use keywords to monitor campaign response, brand health, competition benchmarking and more.
One-Touch Network Creation
Multiple Outreach Options

Monitor Popular Content

Go beyond measuring engagement for owned media, and understand which user generated content posts are going viral.

  • View every single content posted on a specific keyword, in a single dashboard
  • Track content posted across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube
  • Analyze engagement metrics for individual posts

Identify Brand Advocates

Get a complete social profile for the influential content creators who are posting about your brand, and know who to focus on for nurturing brand advocacy.

  • Separate dashboard streams for influencers and normal audience
  • AI enabled algorithm that automatically identifies and indexes influencers
  • Complete social profiles of influencers along with one-touch outreach feature
Qoruz Messenger

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