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Your digital media kit . Yours to track, connect and share.

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Qoruz Media kit

Yours to claim. Yours to celebrate.


Real-time metrics

Your own media kit complete with real-time engagement metrics


Easy Sharing

Your work, yours to share and utilize


Relevant Opportunities

Inform our brand partners of your preferences


Discover Your Influence

Understand your work versus the work of your closest rivals


Easy Customization

The brands you worked on, your campaigns – everything editable


Brand Connect

Enable Brands & PR agencies directly message you for potential engagements

Qoruz Connect

Enabling brands to reach out influencers with relevant opportunities

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    Product Reviews

    Be the voice of customers by being early adopters.

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    Exclusive Passes & Event Invites

    Enjoy being pampered by brands for being awesome influencers.

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    Sponsored Posts

    Earn rewards and benefits by aiding a brand story

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    Press release

    Be the first to know all the inside scoop from your favourite brands