Listen to Conversations That Inspire Your Consumers

Qoruz Radar is the ultimate tool to listen to both paid and organic influencer conversations about your brand.

Measure Your Influencer Campaign Performance

Monitor campaigns with easy to deploy, hashtag-based tracking.

Comprehensive Analytics Dashboard

Monitor historic and real-time campaign performance with more than 40 different metrics.

Real-Time Content Stream

Visualize how your campaign is panning out, with live content and influencer streams that display both paid and organic content being generated.

ROI Focused Measurement

Evaluate campaign ROI with performance metrics such as Influencer CPE, Earned Media Value, Paid vs Organic Content Performance and more.

Gain Insights into Competition and Industry Trends

Use Radar’s listening capabilities for better marketing insights and intelligence.

Campaign Planning Assistance

Analyze competitor campaigns, and topics that are relevant to your brand and use those insights to better inform future campaigns.

Trend-spotting & Content Inspiration

Track content trends and find content ideas for your next influencer campaign.

Act on Conversations That Impact Your Brand

Improve your brand engagement and presence with deeper influencer relationships.

Content Discovery & Influencer Relationship Management

Find relevant touchpoints to communicate and build long-term relationships.

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