Great Content Starts With Great People

Start creating high-engagement content with more than influencers.

Influencer Search

A discovery powerhouse that helps marketers find influencers across social media platforms.

  • 6 Million+ influencers across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and blogs
  • Filtered search to discover influencers based on topics, location, profession, interests and more
  • A.I. based segregation into Celebrities, Experts, or Micro influencers
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Feature Search Engine
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Influencer Profiling

Deep data analytics to evaluate influencers based on the content they produce and the engagement they create.

  • 80+ data points on each influencer
  • Real-time platform specific metrics to determine engagement and influence
  • Audience demographics, professional summary, and biographic information
  • Unique ‘Sphere of Influence’ feature to decode influencer relationships and brand affinities
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Outreach and Workflow Management

Tools to connect, communicate, and collaborate at scale to execute campaigns faster and with greater success.

  • Create, export, and share influencer lists
  • One-click reach out option for shortlisted influencers
  • Centralized communication dashboard for more efficient campaign execution
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Influencer Relationship Management

Scout goes beyond campaigns and helps you successfully build, grow, and leverage your own influencer community.

  • Get detailed insights and reports on influencers from niches of your interest
  • Move trusted influencers to personal network to monitor their content and influence
  • Deploy your own influencer program with our custom dashboard
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Campaign Tracking

Real-time keyword based tracking for your influencer marketing campaigns.

  • Detailed campaign analytics dashboard
  • Real-time content stream to understand what’s driving engagement and delivering results
  • View individual influencer performance and analyze total earned value
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The Scout Advantage

Real People. Real Influence.

Qoruz Messenger

Enterprise Support

A platform built to handle high volume of campaigns with maximum efficiency.

Qoruz Search Engine

Smart Search

Pick from a huge network of social media influencers across channels.

Qoruz Influencer Index

Influencer Index

Discover top influencer with our revolutionary technology that assigns channel-specific scores to influencers.

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