Influencer Marketing Platform for Agencies.

With access to over 8 million influencer profiles, align your agency only with top influencers in the industry.

Agencies can keep ahead of the trend with Qoruz’s up-to-date insights into influencer analytics, past brand associations, industry benchmarks, and more.

End-to-end influencer marketing, simplified

As an agency that works with multiple clients and is stretched by deadlines, you might prefer a solution that does the hard work for you when it comes to influencer marketing. Our easy-to-use influencer marketing automation tools do just that. Discover influencers, contact them, curate campaigns, and set up campaign reports all from a single place - Qoruz.

End-End Influencer Marketing Platform for agencies
Influencer Marketing Tool for best influencer comparison based on different criterias

Dynamic price comparison and checking

While planning campaigns for your clients, Qoruz lets you view an influencer’s estimated costs and provides a comparison table after you select your preferred influencers. We understand that, as an agency, there is no room for error. Which is why Qoruz allows you to contact influencers or their managers directly to confirm their costs. Take ‘worry’ out of the equation and pick the influencers who can give your clients the most bang for their buck.

Protect against influencer fraud

Qoruz features highly accurate influencer metrics for each platform. This allows you to see if influencers are showing any unusual growth or performance data to easily identify suspicious activities. Follower growth rate, content performance benchmarks, etc. greatly aid in easily identifying influencer fraud.

Influencer marketing tool to detect fraud influencers
Influencer marketing tool connecting brands and influencers directly

Direct influencer contact

Collaborating with influencers has never been this convenient. Contact your favourite influencers or their managers directly through the Qoruz platform. You can either contact individual influencers through their Qoruz profile or message multiple influencers at once while planning an influencer marketing campaign to give them the campaign brief, brand guidelines, etc.

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