Influencer Marketing Platform for FMCG Companies.

Choose from a vast selection of influencers for your brands. Qoruz’s precise analytics powered by AI lets you find the right influencer to maximize your influencer marketing ROIs.

FMCG companies need a steady supply of influencers. An easy task with Qoruz, when you have access to over 300,000 Indian influencers - and the number is growing.

An influencer for every brand

As an FMCG company, it’s paramount that you work with different influencers for each brand. This not only ensures you top influencers for each product category, but helps keep your communications fresh. That’s where Qoruz’s vast influencer database comes in. Filter your search using options such as brand mentions, content categories, estimated costs, audience demographics and more to find your ideal brand advocates.

Ensure brand safety

Qoruz lets you view all the brands an influencer has worked with in the past. Protect your brand’s identity by choosing influencers who have no prior associations with other FMCG. Or find influencers who have a proven track record in your industry.

Know what your audience is saying about you

Apart from monitoring campaign performance and influencer metrics, Qoruz’s Report tool tracks conversations around your FMCG brands. View comment sentiment analytics to know what people are saying in the comment section about your brand and your campaign content.

Largest database of Indian influencers

Qoruz boasts a massive database of around 8 million global influencers of which over 300,000 are Indian influencers. The Search Wizard tool helps you browse and find the right influencers who can help you reach your specific marketing objectives.

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