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Co-Founder & CEO

The real all-rounder in the team when it comes to shuffling between roles, Praanesh uses his mobile for two things – work calls and Clash of Clans. We think it’s because strategy is his favorite word!

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Co-Founder & CTO

A tech wizard who’s literally cracked the code for many budding startups before launching Qoruz, Praba is a big foodie and a diehard Tamil cinema fan.

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Managing Partner - Sales

When not busy chasing targets and bringing in the moolah, Priya likes being a supermom, keeping fit with Yoga and Zumba, attending rock concerts when time permits, and cooking healthy treats.

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Managing Partner - Services

Tech and social media enthusiast on one side, nature and trek lover on the other. Give him a long weekend and you will find him discussing philosophy in the mountains.

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Engineering Lead

Fondly known as 'Kutty' by the team, has been a part of team Qoruz from the start. He leads the development for our platform, and in his spare time like to read books, go for a swim, or get the adrenaline flowing through kickboxing sessions.

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Product Solutions Manager

Just as the picture literally symbolises, Vivek is our "chilled out" IIM graduate as well as an introvert who can drive long conversations only for Chelsea, Sports, Desserts and Qoruz!

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Lakshvinder Singh
Business Development Manager

Laksh has an interesting journey - from automotive engineering to marketing and sales automation at Qoruz. He hails from Jammu(not kashmir), and besides a deep love for mountains, he is a fanatic for the rock music of the 60s and 70s.

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Influencer Relations

A Social Media Professional in the day and a wordsmith by night. His writing often induces the melancholic stirrings in you, so beware! In the world full of exclamations and full-stops, he strives to weave his symphony of expressions and is the charmcaster with his army of alphabets.

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Guru Moorthy
FrontEnd Developer

Takes care of every pixel in the website. You can see him missing on weekends as he loves to go on for long drives and often you can find him dealing with Cops.

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